100 One Handed Putts Drill: Never Miss Short Putts Again

Golf Drill – Make 100 One Handed Putts

Before you get intimidated by the “100” putts, realize that if you complete this golf putting drill a few times per week, you’ll quickly see a reduction in missed putts from short and medium range.

This putting drill starts you at 2 feet away from the hole, which is a short distance, but many golfers still struggle to sink these easy putts. Instead, you try looking over to your playing partners for an escape asking them if they’ll count your putt good so you can pick it up and not risk the chance of missing such a short putt.

Sound familiar?

Instead of taking the easy way out (cheater!), man up and work on putting from 2 feet and 3 feet from the cup. 100 reps won’t take long, maybe 10-15 minutes and you can hit 5 balls at a time to speed it up. You’ll see how fast 20 sets of 5 balls goes by and the 100 reps won’t intimidate you as much or make you feel lazy like skipping the drill.

Working on this putting drill with one handed putts also builds your skill with each hand so you learn how to swing the putter one handed and feel comfortable doing so. Over time, it will feel more natural hitting putts one handed and when you go back to putting with both hands it will feel like a breeze.

Let’s dive into the simple steps for setting up and completing this putting drill for beginners.

100 One Handed Putts Drill:

  1. Measure a putt 2 feet away from the hole
  2. Make 100 putts with only one handed putting stroke
  3. Repeat with the other hand for 100 made putts

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