25 Best Chipping Drills to Practice in Golf

Best Golf Chipping Drills to Practice

Whether your goal is to beat your friends this weekend during a round of golf or set a new personal best for low golf score, chipping drills are going to be your best friend.

Chipping is the ultimate short cut to a lower golf score. Anytime you miss a green in regulation, you can still save par with good chipping skills.

Heck, you could miss every green during your 18 hole round of golf, but still walk away scoring par 72 for the day if you can convert every chip shot into an easy par putt.

Luckily, you can quickly improve your chipping skills with a little practice. You’ll be able to see a difference in your golf scores quickly as well.

This guide shares 25 of the best golf chipping drills to practice for improving your short game and if you enjoy the chipping drills below, please share this article with a friend!

25 Best Chipping Drills to Quickly Lower Your Golf Scores

Drill #1: Landing Spot for Chipping Distance Control

Drill #2: Eyes Closed to Perfect Your Swing Tempo

Drill #3: Chipping to the Fringe for Distance Control

Drill #4: Hole the Chip Shot

Drill #5: Chip into a Cup Skills Challenge