adidas 360xt primeknit golf shoe review

Adidas Tour360 XT Primeknit Golf Shoe Review

Adidas is a big name when it comes to golf shoes and one of the manufacturers that have shown consistency with their releases. Tour360 XT Primeknit is one of the best pairs released among their countless number of series, and as expected, this shoe indeed stands out.

Before we go to the technicalities of this incredible pair, it’s worth remembering that the previous Tour 360 XT combined both technical and aesthetic appeal all in one. The Tour 360 XT came in both spiked and spikeless versions, and Adidas did not deviate from its tradition of simplicity with both pairs.

As a die-hard fun of Adidas golf shoes, it’s only natural to expect the Tour360 XT Primekit shoes to follow suit. The new addition to the series does not fall far from the tree, as it comes with some notable similarities. For instance, the outsole is more or less similar to the previous versions.

The upper deviates a little from its predecessors with a little more comfort. The shoe comes with a very attractive knit upper, which is sure to attract every golfer from the word go.

Right from the first time you step on the tee with this pair, the premium knit upper will welcome you with a soft feel all over foot. The upper also features carefully knitted yarns that repel water, ensuring your feet stay dry and fresh throughout your practice session.

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Tour360 XT Primeknit Review

If the description above isn’t convincing enough, you might still want to tag along to see what we found out while putting this amazing pair of golf shoes into a real performance situation.

Taking the Tour360 XT Primeknit golf shoes straight out of the box, the first thing that will strike you is the brilliantly knitted upper. Well, Adidas is a renowned brand, and you wouldn’t expect less from its designs.

Stepping out on the course with this pair gives you a perfect definition of elegance and style. The colors match any outfit perfectly, and you can choose the darker color if you feel like it’s going to be muddy out there. The white and silver ones fit perfectly with the summer weather.

Aesthetics aside, Tour360 XT Primeknit shoes also come with a soft, premium feel when you touch them. From the very first time you touch them, you’ll feel that the shoes will give you a lot of flexibility and freedom.

True to your imagination, Tour360 XT Primeknit comes with a stretchy upper that locks your foot into place to provide the perfect comfort for a golf swing.

The Primeknit comes with forging technology made explicitly for increased stability. In this technology, Adidas has heated the upper section of the shoe to come up with a sturdier frame perfect for support on the midfoot.

Adidas have given the shoe a 360 wrap perfect for a locked-in feel. While this also sounds like a good feature, it wasn’t to us. It somehow felt like the shoe was too tight, which felt a little restricting.

Another disadvantage that we noticed with Primeknit during our testing was that it wasn’t suitable for golfers with wide feet. The pair came in a narrow fit, making them feel too tight and uncomfortable for golfers with wider feet.

The shoes lacked actual tongue, which already spells trouble for someone that envies the nice padding and cushioning that comes with the tongue.

The laces look like they tie nicely and tight enough to provide the needed support, but they can rub footbridge resulting in discomfort. So, in our opinion, the tongue is essential.

Adidas have also worked on impressing its fans when it comes to waterproof shoes. You can walk all the 18 holes on wet weather without noticing a single sip to your feet.

However, the Primeknit shoe is not 100% waterproof, as Adidas suggests. Pouring water directly into the laces and the knit material will allow some to sip in. This means you won’t comfortably play with these shoes in the rain.

These slight glitches are, however, compensated for with other nice features like the incredible sole. Primeknit comes with a full-length boost midsole together with eight-cleat X-Traxion outsole providing the highest level of traction and comfort.

The Adidas Tour360 XT Primeknit has some drawbacks, but all these are compensated for by the excellent features. These are not traditional golf shoes but a contemporary looking design you can ever get in the market. Considering it comes from a reputable brand like Adidas, you shouldn’t expect less.

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