Alignment Stick Putting Stroke Path Practice (Easy Golf Drill)

Alignment Stick Putting Drill (Straight Putts)

If we could hit every putt straight as we intend to, then golf would be much easier. But sometimes the putts just go offline and end up right or left of where we desired the putt to roll.

To help reduce mishit putts, start by practicing your alignment using alignment sticks. Getting your body aimed correctly on the right line you wish to hit a putt will help straighten your putts to start.

Then it comes down to how well you keep the putter head straight and on the right path as it swings into the golf ball. This is where the putting alignment stick for a straight path drill comes into play.

How to Practice Straight Putts Using Alignment Sticks

For this golf drill you’ll need an alignment stick or if you don’t have one then a golf club will work since you can use the straight club shaft as the alignment stick.

Lay down the alignment stick on the putting green. Set up like you’re going to hit a putt but hover the putter over the alignment stick.

Imagine the alignment stick pointing to your target and practice making your putting stroke over the top of it, trying to keep the stroke straight back, straight forward.

A little arc in the putting stroke is okay. But the goal is to create a smooth tempo putting stroke where you keep the stroke path straight.

The alignment stick on the ground will give you a visual reference to judge if you’re keeping your putter straight and square throughout the putting stroke.

Work on this drill for a half hour each day for several days and weeks to develop a consistent, straight path stroke.

You’ll notice it’s much easier and more natural to keep putts on line. You’ll eliminate the jerky movements in your putting stroke and reduce the times you push or pull putts off line.

Drill Instructions:

  1. Set down alignment stick
  2. Hover putter over top
  3. Practice putting stroke motion keeping it straight along the alignment stick
  4. Analyze if you’re pulling the putter inside or pushing it outside the straight line
  5. Fix this by keeping it straight thanks to the alignment aid and lots of reps of practice

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