Best Golf Chipping Nets (2023 Review)

Top chipping nets to sharpen your chip shot

The chip shot is what gets you onto the green and sets you up for that all-important put. Having a good chipping shot can improve your chances of scoring a birdie or getting a par. Not getting your chip shot right can lead to extra shots that can really hurt your score.

Two of the most crucial factors in a chip shot are distance control and quality of contact. If your chipping wedge hits the ground too soon, you end up chunking your shot. If you hit the ball too thin by keeping your club too high out of fear of chunking, then you end up thinning or blading your shot. Controlling the elevation of the ball and the distance that it travels is also important so that you do not shoot past the hole. The best way of perfecting your distance control and getting consistent contact is to practice the chip shot over and over till you become consistent and confident.

However, hitting chip shots is not as simple as putting a golf ball on the floor of your living room with a glass on the other end. You can practice it in your backyard or you might have to go to a driving range. But, regular visits to the driving range can be expensive. But, you can, with the right equipment, practice your chip shots right inside your living room. That can be a very handy thing, especially during winters when it is freezing outside and when stepping out in your backyard may not be feasible.

There are many indoor chipping practice products available in the market. The product that we would like to focus on is the chipping net. In this article, we will review 5 golf chipping nets that you can buy on Amazon.

GoSports Chipster Practice Net

This product is a set of 3 different chipping nets. It is listed on Amazon for $29.99. The idea of having three differently-sized chipping nets is to allow you to practice various angles and distances. It is along the lines of what we outlined earlier, perfecting distance control and contact consistency. You can use all three nets simultaneously to create drills where you hit one ball in each net and keep repeating the set. All three nets are portable and can be set up very quickly. The bright red color of the design makes the net noticeable. You can even use these chipping nets indoors with a foam golf ball. This product is one of the most popular for short game practice and it is listed as Amazon’s Choice for golf chipping nets.

Callaway Chip-Shot Golf Chipping Net

Callaway is a trusted name when it comes to golfing gear. The brand has designed a chipping net that works with multiple chipping and pitching wedges. For $35.55, you get a net with 3 targets stacked vertically. They allow you to practice different elevations and angles. The chipping net itself is ultra-light-weight resulting in high portability. It is easy to set up and easy to store as it collapses into a 12-inch diameter flat disc. The fully-opened size is 25 inches by 25 inches. It is recommended that you buy a turf mat along with a chipping net if you are planning to practice your chip shots indoors. You can also practice with this net outdoors with real golf balls.

JEF World of Golf Chipping Net

If you prefer a vertical net design with 4 different targets, then the JEF World of Golf chipping net is what you need to look at. Priced at around $80, this net is not as cheap as the other nets that we have reviewed here. There are targets for chip, pitch, lob, and punch. So, if you want to practice your lob and punch shots along with some chipping practice, then this net can do it all. They pretty much cover all the shots in a golfer’s short game. You can really get creative and set up all kinds of chipping practice drills with this net. Users of the JEF World chipping net have rated the quality of the net as durable. Bear in mind that this net is tall but not as wide as the other circular-shaped nets.

Himal Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

If you are concerned about your chipping net blowing away in windy conditions, then the Himal Pop Up golf chipping net is an interesting product. It comes with nails that secure the net. Available on Amazon for about $33, the Himal Pop Up net has a 3-target vertical design with plenty of net protection on the sides as well. The manufacturer claims that this net can be folded at least 1000 times and weighs only 1.4 pounds. It can be collapsed and folded into a flat disc. The Himal Pop Up Golf chipping net comes with a nylon storage bag.

Kunup Golf Chipping Net

Last but not the least, we have picked the Kunup chipping net for its unique design. It has the standard foldable design, high portability, and 3 targets. However, if you miss the targets and hit stray shots, the balls will fall onto a conveyor-belt-like slope and roll back to you. You can, therefore, keep hitting till all the balls go through the targets. This net can be bought for around $34 on Amazon. The specifications state that the cloth used to make the net is an Oxford 420D. The frames are made of high-elastic carbon steel. You can use the Kunup chipping net whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Through this review article, we have tried covering the best golf chipping nets that one can buy on Amazon. Chipping nets are great if you want to practice your shots all year round. They also allow you to design drills in which you can work on different shots and use different clubs. We hope you found this useful and happy golfing!

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