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Best Indoor Golf Putting Green for Speed Control

Growing up in the Midwest of the US, I had to deal with winter time shutting down the local golf courses every year. To help me continue practicing my putting, I decided to get crafty and spend money on a DIY indoor putting green.

I did review some options on Amazon but ended up building my own putting green using left over carpet turf from my grandparents putting green room in their basement. It cost me around $100 to construct plus time and labor.

It turned out to be an effective training aid that allowed me to master my short putting skills from 3 to 10 feet from the comfort of my home.

However, if some of the putting green training aids would have existed back then that now exist today, I may have purchased them instead of building my own heavy, bulky, expensive green.

While there are many great options out there today for indoor putting greens, I think the coolest option is the VariSpeed Putting System.

indoor golf putting mat

VariSpeed Putting System Review

This is an advanced putting mat that helps you build your distance control / speed control with your putter.

It has 4 stimp tested speeds ranging from 7.5 to 13, allowing you to adjust the speed of your putting green. And the mat comes with alignment marks so you’ll know if your putts are going straight.

The putting mat is 10 feet long and has 1 foot lines clearly marking 1 through 10 feet so you always know how far your putting from to the hole.

It’s a great feature for working on 3 foot putts today and 6 foot putts tomorrow to hone in your short putting skills.

It also has several games built into it to test your skills and make practicing putting from indoors more fun. Lastly, it’s easy to pack up and store in a closet, which is a feature I wish I had with my old putting green I built.

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