Best Mallet Putters to Buy

Best Mallet Putters for a Straight Back Straight Through Putting Stroke

Putting is a very important stroke in golf. Some would say that it is the most important shot at any hole. It is the shot that completes the hole.

Unless you are an ace at driving, chipping, and wedging, your putting game will have to be on the money if you are to make par.

You definitely don’t want to score those bogeys and double bogeys.

Putting can reinforce your advantage when you are hitting it well. It can salvage something for you when you are not in the zone.

Given what is at stake with putting, you want to make sure that you practice the shot and spend the necessary time to be on top of your putting game.

But, equally important is to make sure that you have a good putter.

Some would say that the putter is probably your best friend in your golf bag. It is one of the clubs that you will use at every single hole.

You might or might not use a sand wedge. But, you will definitely use your putter to close out a hole and score better in this hard game.

Most golfers use either a mallet putter, a blade putter, or a high “MOI” (moment of inertia) putter.

Each putter has advantages and disadvantages. If you are someone who prefers mallet putters, then this article is for you.

We will explore some of the features of a mallet putter and then look at some of the best selling mallet putters that are currently available in the market.

What to Know About Mallet Putters

The Type of Shaft

Mallet putters come with three different kinds of shafts.

The first one is the double bend shaft. The intention behind this shaft is to minimize face rotation. It is a good option for those golfers who like to hit straight putts.

The second type of shaft is called the plumber’s neck. Its design is intended to allow an arc-like motion. It is good for those golfers who like the straight back and straight through stroke but with some arc.

The third kind of putter shaft is the simple center shaft. It goes directly into the middle of the mallet-shaped putterhead. This option is also great for those who want the straight back straight through shot without any arc or rotation.

Alignment Aids

Putters come with alignment aids. They are basically lines on the putter head that help you in aligning your putter, visualizing the stroke, and correctly positioning yourself.

Reading the putting green right is just one part of the puzzle. Executing the putt is critical as well.

Let us look at some of the top mallet putters available in the market.

Odyssey White Hot OG Putters

Odyssey specializes in making putters. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with an Odyssey putter. The company’s White Hot OG line offers plenty of options. You can choose from a variety of styles.

All the White Hot OG line putters are double bend weight-balanced style. There are quite a few aid alignments depending on the style that you pick.

Odyssey White Hot OG putters are somewhat expensive but they come with a strong reputation. Phil Mickelson is known to be using Odyssey putters.

Pinemeadow PGX SL Putter

If you are a beginner or amateur golfer and have a limited budget, then the Pinemeadow PGX SL putter can potentially be a decent option.

You can buy it for less than $45 and it has some useful features for the straight back straight through game that you are looking to perfect.

The Pinemeadow PGX SL putter has a plumber’s neck shaft design. It has two circles and a line along the center to help you with alignment and positioning. Many golfers rate this putter as the best in the budget category.

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Premier #11

The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Premier #11 is a traditional mallet-style putter. It has a 34-inch shaft. The putterhead has a clean design with one alignment aid – a line in the center.

The shape of the putterhead is broad enough to offer a high level of forgiveness.

The shaft design allows for a slight arc, suiting the needs of those golfers who like a bit of rotation in their putting. The putterhead has a diamond CNC milling finish to create adequate friction for a controlled putt.

TaylorMade Spider FCG Series

Looks like a mallet, feels like a blade, forgives like a spider. That is the tagline for the TaylorMade Spider FCG series of putters. It is a product line comprised only of mallet putters, something that is rare in the industry.

The face of this mallet putter is made using copper. This putter is a high MOI type and works well with golfers who like having an arc in their stroke.

There are three hosel designs to choose from – the single bend, the heel shaft, and the L neck. There are two shaft heights of 34 inches and 35 inches to choose from as well.

TaylorMade TP Patina

TaylorMade has the TP Patina line of putters that are worth considering. There are a total of 7 putters in this product line and 5 of those are mallet-style putters. With the TP Patina line of putters, you get several shaft options.

You also get to pick from a variety of putterhead shapes. One of the unique features of these TaylorMade putters is the ability to adjust the weight.

You can screw in different weights to go all the way up to 20 grams.

These weights can be bought separately for customizing your putter. Depending on the design of the putterhead that you select, you will get some form of an alignment aid.

We hope that with the above information, you now have a better understanding of what mallet putters have to offer and which models you can look at to begin your search for a putter.

We have tried to cover putters with different price points as well. If your game is about hitting straight back and straight through, then a mallet putter will work well for you. Happy Golfing!