Blade vs Mallet Putters Guide

Blade vs Mallet Putters Guide

Putting is the soul and heart of golf. Without it, golf would not even exist. If you look at your recent scorecard, you’ll see that your putts make up for most of your shots.

Selecting a putter for your game is never easy, especially when choosing between a mallet and a blade putter. One is forgiving, while the other helps in giving more feel and control on the greens.

In this guide, you’ll learn the difference between a mallet and a blade and what will help your game the most.

Mallet Putter

A traditional mallet putter comes with a semi-circle shape, but the latest ones feature other designs like spiders and fangs with a choice to customize the putter head.

Since the putter head is large, many people think it is heavier than the blade putter. Well, this is not true every time. Sometimes, both mallet and blade putters are of the same weight.

The reason golfers like mallet putters because they are forgiving. Plus, it is so large that you get a larger sweet spot on the clubhead to contact the golf ball.

The mallet putter works well for players who have a straight back, straight-through type swing. Plus, if you struggle with alignment, the mallet putter will help you as the alignment lines make it easy to make a putt.


  • Perfect for the straight back straight through stroke
  • Easy alignment
  • Effortless to aim
  • Forgiving
  • Customizable
  • Easy to learn distance control
  • Comes in many different designs


  • Not good for an arc style shot
  • Too huge for some individuals
  • Doesn’t help on speedy greens

Who Is a Mallet Putter for?

  • Someone who wants a straight-back, straight-through putter placement movement.
  • An individual who has a problem with intention.
  • Somebody who struggles with alignment.

Blade Putter

The blade putter is known as the player’s putter, and for a good reason. Many professionals use this because of the control and feel you get with it. Although it’s not as large as a mallet putter, it still serves the purpose.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of a blade putter, if you have the arc-type putting stroke. A blade putter also comes with a solid milled face, just like the mallet.

Although it adds a great level of feel and control, it lacks when it comes to alignment and forgiveness. It becomes harder to line up as the alignment line is about an inch long.

However, if you don’t need help with the alignment and have a solid putting stroke, the blade putter is a better choice.


  • Tremendous control and feel
  • Great for arc stroke putters
  • Extra attractive
  • Works perfectly on speedy greens
  • Suitable for golfers who want precision-based performance
  • Consistent impact


  • A little bit harder to line up
  • The face turns and twists much more than the mallet putter.
  • Not as forgiving as the other

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Who Is a Blade Putter for?

  • Someone who can control the putter face.
  • An individual that prefers a small slim head.
  • Somebody with an arc-type putting stroke.
  • An individual who wants better control and feel.

FAQ About Mallet and Blade Putters

Now, you have a general idea of the differences between a mallet and a blade putter, let’s jump to some of the most asked questions.

Blade or Mallet Putter for A Beginner?

For beginners, a mallet putter is a great choice as it makes the game easy to learn. However, if you have a blade putter, do not feel sad about it. Soon, you’ll learn how to use it.

What Are the Signs That I Have Been Using the Wrong Putter?

Making not enough putts is the first sign of using the wrong type of putter. Next, try to find out why you’re missing the putts. Are they all over the place, or are they all coming up short? If you narrow it down, you may figure out if it is related to your ability and stroke or related to the putter.

Which Putter Is More Forgiving: Mallet or Blade?

The answer is the mallet putter, as it has a much larger clubface which makes it easy to hit the sweet spot. You can hit a great putt with the mallet putter without being precise.

Final Words

You could debate all day on blade vs mallet putters and probably will never have a clear winner. Here, the key is to look for the putters that help you out in your game. If you want to choose a great putter, pay attention to the type of your putting stroke. Hopefully, you’ll find the answers in this blade vs putters guide and get a putter of your choice.

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