Chipping Drill #4: Hole the Chip Shot

Chipping Drill #4: Hole the Chip Shot

The best way to become better at chipping is to practice the #1 thing you want the ball to do…go in the hole. Practicing chipping by attempting to hole out your chips is huge for developing confidence with your wedges as well as the feel and skill developed.

This chipping drill will be challenging, especially for beginners who don’t have a lot of control over their chips yet.

But with practice comes perfection and soon you’ll see more chips going in the hole for birdie or par saves on the golf course, helping lower your scores.

Chipping Drill Instructions:

  1. Find a hole to chip to that is about 10 feet away from the fringe
  2. Start chipping on the fringe first and move to the rough later
  3. Use only one ball so you focus every ounce you have on holing it, like you would on the real golf course
  4. Study the chip shot like a putt, seeing how it will break
  5. Hit the chip and watch where it lands as well as roll to get distance control feel
  6. Repeat hitting more chip shots until you hole one
  7. Then move back off the fringe to 5 feet into the rough
  8. Repeat from 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet away from the green to the same hole

As you move back into the rough, you’ll have to change up trajectory on your chip shots. You won’t have a lot of green between the fringe and the hole so landing the ball on the fringe may be what it takes to get the ball to slow down in time.

Moving to different distances in the rough simulates real scenario chipping because often times we miss a green and miss it by at least 5+ feet. We don’t always have fringe chip shots, so most of this drill is spent chipping from the rough to develop feel and control.

Come back another day and do this chipping drill again but this time find a hole that is 20 feet away from the fringe. This gives you more room to land the ball as you move around to different distances from the green.

It also teaches you to hit bump and run style chips from the fringe to get the ball rolling sooner like a putt when it has longer distance to travel.

Keep working on this short game drill finding holes on the practice green that vary in distance from the fringe to change it up each practice day.

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