Chipping Drill #5: Coin Chip into a Cup

Chipping Drill #5: Coin Chip into a Cup

Chipping is about great contact with the golf ball. Without good contact, your chip shots can fly across the green or never even make it out of the rough.

Ideally, we want a clean strike that pops the ball up off your club’s face and onto the green where it will continue to roll to the hole for a short, easy putt to save par.

The following chipping drill will teach you how to not only make better contact with the ball but also how to maintain club head speed into impact.

This helps you avoid the chunked chip shot that never makes it out of the rough, usually a result of a decelerating chip shot.

Chipping Drill Instructions:

  1. Scatter several nickels around on the carpet floor of your home
  2. Find an old wedge (the coins may scratch your club face)
  3. Set a cup in a central position in the room
  4. Go around to each coin, trying to chip it into the cup
  5. Chip each coin until you get them all in the cup

First, you’ll need to grab about 10 nickels or so lying around that’s loose change you have on hand. You can also do this chipping drill with dimes if you’d like to make the target even smaller or pennies work well too.

Set down a plastic (red solo) cup in your living room floor and scatter your coins around it from all directions and distances.

Using your old wedge (that you’re okay with getting scratched up from the coins) practicing chipping the coins up into the air with the goal of landing them in the cup.

This will take some practice but after trying this chipping drill you’ll begin to notice better ball striking on your chip shots as a small coin is much harder to make good contact with than a golf ball.

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