Cleveland Ladies CBX Wedge (2019 Review)


Cleveland Golf Ladies CBX Wedge Review

One of the best golf wedges on the market this year is the Cleveland Golf Ladies CBX Wedge and I’m excited to share the technology and review of it today.

The CBX cavity backed wedge by Cleveland is designed to help you transition seamlessly from your cavity backed irons to your wedge with no drop off in feel. Swinging the Ladies CBX wedge should feel no different than swinging your cavity backed irons.

You’re also going to get tour level spin as the grooves and face technology were redesigned to create maximum spin and control around the greens. It’s truly one of the best short game tools to have in your bag for clutch situations when you need to get up and down for par.

Let’s dive into the full review below and share what technology makes the Cleveland Golf Ladies CBX wedge special. But first, here are two resources to check out if you’re new to the golf blog!

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And when you purchase your new golf wedge, you’ll want to practice dialing in your distance control with it. Here is a great golf chipping drill to help you get better quickly with your new golf wedge.

Review of the CBX Women’s Golf Wedge

Dual V Sole

The CBX wedge is designed with two different v shapes in the sole which increases the overall versatility of the wedge for many different shot types while also making it one of the most forgiving golf wedges on mishits.

The front v shape lets you cut smoothly through the rough without loss of speed to keep your chip shots consistent. I’m sure you’ve stubbed a chip shot before from the grass pulling on your club face slowing it down.

The heel v shape is for the versatility to open the club face to different positions for different shot types around the greens. This is especially beneficial when you need to open the wedge face in the sand.

cleveland golf ladies cbx wedge review

Feel Balancing Technology

Most of Cleveland’s new golf wedges have been designed with their Feel Balancing Technology, including the Ladies CBX wedge.

Cleveland engineered the hosel to have a micro-cavity which pushed the center of gravity closer to the middle of the club face. This enhanced the sweet spot on the CBX wedge to improve forgiveness.

With a better balanced wedged and optimized sweet spot position, you’ll notice an increase in consistency on all chip shots and increase in feel.

RESOURCE: Download my How to Break 80 Golf Practice Plan

Rotex Face Technology

cleveland golf wedge

The reason professional golfers are switching to the Cleveland CBX wedge is the insane spin you get on your chip shots and pitches. This is a result of precise laser milling, micro milling, and tour level grooves.

The face pattern of the grooves is designed to deflect away debris for more consistent chip shots. The face was laser milled to be more durable as well.

The wedge grooves are larger and also rougher which creates more friction thus more spin on the golf ball. You’ll find the Cleveland Ladies CBX wedge to be one of the highest spinning wedges you hit from the fairway but also just as impressive how much spin it can generate out of the rough.

Progressive Design

Whether you start off with a 60 degree wedge or a 52 degree wedge, each is specifically designed with a different head shape, size, and weighting to make it progressively blend into your other cavity backed irons.

This helps feel stay consistent so you can’t tell much difference when you move from a 9 iron to a 54 degree wedge.

RESOURCE: Download my How to Break 80 Golf Practice Plan

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