What is a Good Golf Score?

What is a Good Golf Score?

Golf is an individual sport that is played by making use of various clubs to hit balls from a tee into a hole. This sport is played and enjoyed by people of all genders and ages. In golf, the playing ground is called a “golf course”. Unlike other sports, the golf course doesn’t have a defined shape or size and this is what makes the sport adventurous for its players.

You get to experience various golf courses in several locations around the world that all have their unique challenges to score well. Each golf course has a difficulty rating which indicates what it takes to score par.

The term par in golf is used to describe the estimated amount of shots that is required to play each hole or total score for the 18 holes of golf. To determine the par for a certain hole, add the amount of shots that would be required to meet the green from the tee and then add two putts.

In most cases, golf courses have a par between the range of seventy to seventy two (70-72). Hence, any score that is either at par accurately or below the par is considered to be good.


Hole in one A single shot that gets the ball in the whole.
Birdie A single stroke less than the par.
Eagle Two strokes less than the par.
Albatross Three strokes less than the par .
Condor Four strokes less than the par.
Bogey One stroke more than the par.
Double bogey Two strokes more than the par.
Triple bogey Three strokes more than the par.
American ball A golf ball.
Club Tool used in hitting a golf ball.


At average, there are important factors to be considered so as to accurately lay emphasis on what a good golf score should be. Core among these factors is the experience level of the golfer.

As expected, the average golf score of a beginner should differ from that of a professional. Hence, this context wil be giving explicit analysis on what a good golf score should be considering the various experience levels.

Beginner golfers golf score

A beginner golfer is one who does not have a commendable experience in golf playing. Such a golfer has either never played golf in the past or doesn’t have a consistent record in golfing. They also lack an understanding of the game. Golfers who recently took up the sport often shoot around one hundred to one hundred and fifteen (100-115) for eighteen golf holes. It’s alright to fall under this category. With consistency in practice and proper coaching you’d definitely get better at it in a matter of months.

Average golfers golf score

This category of golfers have a surface understanding of golfing but as a result of lack of consistency they find it hard to develop skills that makes them expert at the game. Average golfers partake in golfing about once or twice in a week and shoot a golf score around ninety to ninety five (90-95) for eighteen golf holes.

High school golfers golf score

High school golfers as the name implies are young student between the ages of fourteen and eighteen (14-18) that are taking up golfing. At basic level, shooting a nine hole score in the upper to middle 40s while at expert level this set of golfers shoots either higher 30s or lower 40s for nine golf holes.

College golfers golf score

Proper score for college golfers differs may difdry depending on the team division that the college is in i.e D1, D2, D3. To qualify as a proper golfer for a college’s golf team you have to be able to shoot in the mid to high 70s consistently for 18 golf holes.

Professional golfers golf score

A professional golfer is one with an in-depth understanding of golfing. This type of golfer has also developed his or her skills in the sport through consistent practice. The average golf score for a professional golfer is 69-70 for an 18-hole role. That is -1 or -2 for each round. A professional golfer is expert in the game and can contend to represent his or her country in tournaments. To attain this level of expertise consistency is required. One may need to look at golfing on a full time basis in this case.

Junior Golfers golf score

For a junior golfer, shooting in the 80s for eighteen holes or 40s for nine holes is a commendable golf score. This should qualify them to play in the middle of high school golf.

Beginner golfers 100-115 for eighteen golf holes.
Average golfers 90-95 for eighteen golf holes.
High school golfers 9 hole score in the upper to mid 40s.
College golfers 70 for eighteen golf holes.
Professional golfers 69-70 for eighteen golf holes.
Junior golfers 80s for eighteen holes or 40s for nine holes.

Overall, a golf score that is considered “good” for a golf course is going to depend on the golf course difficulty rating. The more difficult the golf course, the higher the score will be adjusted and still be considered a “good golf score.” This is usually when the rating is above a 72 and also when it has a difficult slope rating.

If the golf course has a lower difficulty rating such as 69 or 68, this indicates a good golf score should be one that is lower than normal. A scratch golfer that shoots 72 for a normal par 72 golf course, is expected to score better than par on this low difficulty rated course.

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