Phil Mickelson 3 Foot Putting Drill (100 in a Row)

Phil Mickelson 3 Foot Putting Drill (100 in a Row)

The classic Phil Mickelson Putting Drill is a 100 putt challenge from 3 feet away from the hole. It’s a golf putting drill Phil has been doing for years.

The video below will highlight Mickelson doing the circle method where you place balls around the hole in a circle from the same distance (3 feet in this case).

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He prefers to use 10 golf balls which allows him to practice many variations of break around the hole, learning how the ball turns and bends on its path to the hole. As you move further back to 5 feet, 7 feets, 9 feet, etc. the break will become more evident.

Starting at 3 feet builds your confidence of seeing close range putts go into the hole and helps you feel less pressure on the golf course when you face these types of putts often. You’ll make more pars and less big numbers on the scorecard from poor putting.

How to Do the Phil Mickelson 3 Foot Circle Drill:

  1. Find a hole on the practice green
  2. Measure out 3 feet and place a tee or ball marker
  3. Repeat for 9 more locations around the hole in a circle
  4. Place golf ball at each tee
  5. Start at one tee and work around clockwise
  6. Try to make all 10 balls in a row
  7. After the first 5 makes, remove them from the cup to unclog it

Let us know your thoughts on the Phil Mickelson putting drill and for more, check out the resources below. Thanks for reading!

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