Practice 8 Scrambling

Practice Plan #8: Scrambling for Successful Up and Downs

Up and Down Golf Practice Drills

Do you struggle to get up and down to save par or save a bogey before it turns worse? Well then you need to spend more time on the practice green simulating up and downs from various lies and distances away from the green.

Today’s mini practice will get you working on your up and downs but it’s your job to branch off this practice and continue working on your short game. Best of luck!

Scrambling (Up & Down for Par)

Today’s Drills to Improve Scrambling %:

  1. Pressure Scrambling Practice from Greenside Rough
    • Complete 20 up & downs in a row to a short hole
    • Complete 5 up & downs in a row to a medium hole
    • Complete 5 up & downs in a row to a long hole

Instructions: Use just one golf ball for this drill to maximize focus.

Estimated Completion Time: 30-45 minutes

Complete this practice every day you head to the golf course for the next few weeks and see your short game improve as well as your confidence. The more you practice your short game, the more confident you’ll feel about getting up and down!

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