Pull Back Putting Drill: How to Make More Birdie Putts

Pull Back Putting Drill

This golf drills works on your ability to make putts under pressure. It has a consequence if you miss the first putt by making you move the ball back further away to keep you on edge and handling pressure. Over time you’ll become cool, calm, and collected when facing pressure putts to save par or bogey.

The Pull Back Putting Drill also trains you to 1-putt more frequently which can result in more birdies and more par saves after chipping onto the green or other short game situations. The goal is to make the first putt (hence 1-putt skill building) and if you miss then you face the consequence of moving the ball back further to add pressure on your short second putt.

We recommend completing this putting drill at least 3-4 times per week to build consistency in your putting skills and improve quicker! It’s easy to set up as you only need a tee to mark different distances away from the hole on the green.

Below you’ll also find a few other practice drills we’ve linked to as well as step by step practice plans with daily routines to follow if you want to lower your golf score faster!

Let’s dive into how to perform this golf drill…

How to Do the Pull Back Putting Drill:

  1. Measure out a putt 10 feet away from the hole
  2. Hit the putt trying to make it for birdie
  3. If you miss, pull the putt backwards one putter length
  4. Hit the second putt trying to make par
  5. If you miss that par putt, pull it back a putter length again and try to make the third putt for bogey
  6. Repeat this drill until you make 3 birdies (1 putts) from the 10 foot spot
  7. Then move on to other distances to practice (6 feet, 12 feet, 15 feet, 18 feet)

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Golf Practice Plans:

Try our step by step golf training plans that give you daily practice routines to complete. Each practice routine has putting drills, chipping drills, and golf swing drills for the driving range. Learn more about each.