Putting Drill: 10 Ball Circle Drill

10 Golf Ball, Circle Putting Drill

The circle drill is one of the most popular putting drills and you’ve likely read about it or tried it before. But today’s putting drill is a slight variation of the normal circle putting drill.

The 10 golf ball drill adds extra putts so you get to see how putts break from almost all angles around the hole.

For example, hitting putts on one side of the hole may break one direction and as you move around you’ll find the putts flatten out with less break before switching up and having opposite break.

It’s an easy putting drill to set up. You’re going to need 10 golf balls and 10 tees. You can also substitute in ball markers instead of tees.

For measuring the distances you can use “putter lengths” which are roughly 3 feet or you can step it off with your shoe (roughly 1 foot each step). You can also carry a measuring tape with you to mark off putts to ensure consistency and accuracy from all angles around the hole.

Move around the cup, marking off 10 putts with each being about equal distance from each other so that as you move from one putt to the next, the break should change slightly.

When you do this putting drill with only 4 balls or 5 balls, the putts are more spread apart so the break can change much more drastically from one putt to the next around the circle.

Hopefully, that helps clarify why we like the variation that uses 10 golf balls when performing the circle putting drill.

How to Do this Putting Drill:

  1. Mark 10 putts around the hole in a circle from 6 feet away
  2. Make all 10 putts in a row, going around the circle
  3. If you miss start over
  4. Once you make 10 in a row, move the circle in to 5 feet
  5. Repeat, making all 10 in a row from 5 feet
  6. Then move the circle in to 4 feet and make all 10 in a row
  7. Repeat again from 3 feet to finish the drill

Pro Tip: After 5 makes, take the balls out of the hole to unclog it so the last 5 putts can go into the hole.

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