Putting Drill: Dead Center of the Cup Golf Drill

Putting Drill: Hit the Ball Dead Center of the Cup

For this golf drill you’re going to be practicing hitting putts that go into the dead center of the cup. It can be super frustrating to see putts lip out or even horseshoe around the cup.

I’m sure you’ve had putts ring around the cup and then drop in, but that brief second you still had a nervous breakdown and felt your heart skip a beat thinking you missed the putt.

To avoid these close calls, let’s get putts rolling straight into the center of the cup!

Putting Drill Instructions:

  1. Place two tees in front of the hole but leave a gap for the golf ball
  2. The gap should be dead center of the cup
  3. Any putt hit offline will hit the tees or miss to the outside of the tees
  4. Measure a putt 3 feet away
  5. Stroke putts trying to send the ball through the tees, center of the cup
  6. Make 50 putts to complete the drill, repeat this drill again tomorrow and several days
  7. Once you’re good from 3 feet, move back to 5 feet and repeat the drill

After completing this golf drill, you now give yourself a higher chance of making putts. You’re improving your margin of error by improving your ability to hit putts dead center of the cup. In times where you misalign the putt or it hits bump in the green, the ball may veer of line slightly but still end up in the cup.

The biggest takeaway from today is practice putting at high volume. Don’t just putt for 10 minutes and call it day. Set goals like putting 100-500 reps during practice and count your putts attempted as well as putts made!

That is the single best way to improve and see results when you get out onto the golf course. Simulate situations you face so you’re prepared.

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