Putting Drill #8: Distance Judgement Test

How to Improve Your Distance Judgement on Putts

One of the biggest problems golfers face is improper judgement of distance on a putt. And what happens to most golfers as a result? They misjudge the break and leave putts on the short side of the hole, never giving enough break.

To fix this, you should stop looking at putts from behind the ball when looking at distance from the ball to the hole.

You’ll likely have poor distance perception viewing from behind the ball. Instead there is a better way to analyze a balls distance to the hole.

How to Do It:

Stand off to the side of the hole and ball.

In fact, find the median point between the ball and hole and stand there but back away from the putts line several feet so you can judge distance.

While standing back and from this side view perspective, visualize the putt rolling to the hole. Imagine the speed it’s rolling and track it from start to finish at the hole with your eyes.

This visualization strategy will also help you learn distance perception and increase your speed control skills before you even set up to your ball to hit the putt.

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