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This page serves as your resource where you can click into different putting drills to learn how to do the drill with step by step instructions. These practice drills will help you quickly improve your putting in all areas if you mix them into your weekly practice routines.

You’ll find putting drills that work on short range putts (2-10 feet) as well as longer putts and distance control drills to help reduce the chance of 3-putts and 4-putts that are costing you strokes and keeping you from scoring lower each round.

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5 Best Putting Drills to Practice Like the Pro’s

100 One Handed Putts Drill

Manilla Folder Distance Control Drill

10-20-30-40 Ladder Putting Drill

Jordan Spieth’s Favorite Putting Drill

Tiger Woods Double Gate Putting Drill

Th Box Drill to Improve Speed Control

Best College Putting Drills to Practice

Speed Control Putting Drill + Practice Routine