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25 Best Golf Training Aids (Affordable)

25 Best Golf Training Aids that are Affordable

I don’t know about you, but I love golf training aids. They’re always exciting when you first get them and they can help improve your golf game in different areas depending on what the golf training aid’s purpose was for.

Here are the 25 best golf training aids we think you’ll enjoy and will help various skills in your golf game. The links are affiliate links to Amazon so you can read more about each from Amazon and the reviews that customers have left.

  1. Golf Automatic Return Swing Net (#1 on my list)
  2. Smash Impact Bag
  3. Eyeline Putting Mirror
  4. Orange Whip Swing Trainer
  5. Power Swing Fan
  6. Putting Arc
  7. Eyeline 360 Mirror
  8. Opti-Shot 2 Golf Simulator
  9. Mike Benderstik Swing Training Book
  10. Impact Ball
  11. Eyeline Golf Metronome
  12. Eyeline Balls of Steel
  13. Momentus Weighted Iron
  14. Swingyde
  15. Izzo Smooth Swing Trainer
  16. SKLZ Swing Tempo Stick
  17. Portable Golf Chipping Net
  18. Golfnsticks Alignment Sticks
  19. Putt-a-about Par 3 Green
  20. SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer
  21. Callaway Basic Training Bundle
  22. ImpactSnap Right Hand Golf Swing Training Aid
  23. RUGD Sports Alignment Mirror
  24. PuttOut Pressure Putting Trainer
  25. Foam Practice Golf Balls

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