Golf Putter Buying Guide

Buying a putter is a tough decision with so many options and styles. You can choose from face balanced putters to toe balanced putters as well as blade putters and mallet putters. This putter buying guide aims to help simplify the buying process so you understand the types of putters and skill level they’re built for.

When fitting for a putter, consider the length and how it fits with your putting posture. Standard putters are 33 to 35 inches in length.

The face design and grooves are another factor to consider when buying a putter. We wrote an article recently about the EVNROLL Putters which have taken face grooves to a whole other level, but it comes with a $300+ price tag.

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Different Putter Head Styles

Blade Putter

A blade putter is a traditional looking putter with a small clubhead. This is the oldest putter shape available on the market. Mallet putters have taken over a big part of the market but many professional players still opt to use a traditional blade putter.

Mallet Putter

Mallet putters feature a big head that delivers ultimate forgiveness. Putter designers are able to add a variety of weighting and alignment elements to a mallet putter due to its size. Mallet putters have evolved over time and they keep on evolving with every new model that hits the shelves.

Toe Balanced vs Face Balanced Putters

A face balanced putter will have the face of the putter pointing upwards when you balance it on your finger, a toe balanced putter will have a toe that points to the ground when you balance it in the same manner.

Face balanced putters have their center of gravity positioned directly below the axis of the shaft. Face balanced putters are recommended for players with a putting stroke that is straight back and straight through.

Face balanced putters aren’t inclined to open and close throughout the putting stroke.

The center of gravity of a toe balanced putter isn’t below the shaft axis. Toe balanced putters have the tendency to open on the way back and close on the way through during the putting stroke.

Toe balanced putters are better suited for players that have a fair amount of rotation in their putting strokes.

Putter Face Inserts

Majority of modern putters feature face inserts. Face inserts can either promote a hard or soft feel at impact. Face inserts with grooves also affect the roll of the ball off of the clubface.

When you buy a new putter it is important to look at the face insert options. It is important to get a putter with a face insert that feels good to you, and that puts a good roll on the putt.

Softer face inserts are recommended when you normally play on fast slick greens and vice versa if your home course normally has slow greens.

It is important to pay attention to the golf ball you putt with when trying out a new putter. Make sure to test a new putter with the golf ball that you normally use. Softer golf balls will feel soft off of the face and vice versa with a hard golf ball regardless of the insert.

If you prefer a putter with a harder feel at impact then a metal faced putter might be the answer. Metal faced putters feature a traditional steel face, this hard steel face promotes a hard yet solid feel at impact.

Personal preference is a huge contributing factoring when buying a new putter, make sure to buy a putter with a face design that suits your preferences.

Putter Hosel and Shaft

When you line up over a putt it is vital for the look to suit your eye. If something looks off to you before you even attempt to hit a putt it is going to be very difficult to make a good positive stroke.

There are different hosel and shaft designs that are utilised when putters are built, it is vital to find one that suits your eye when you buy a new putter.

Heel shafted putters are putters where the shaft enters the clubhead in the heel section of the putter.

Center shafted putters are where the shaft doesn’t have a kink in the tip of the shaft and it enters the putter head in the center.

Hosel offset putters are the most common, the hosel is bent backwards in order to move the tip of the shaft ahead of the clubface. This hosel design adds offset to the putter which forces you to have your hands forward at address in order to square up the face.

All 3 of these designs will promote a different look and feel at address, give them all a try in order to find out which design fits your eye and stroke the best. 

Putter Grips

Putter grips have evolved immensely over the last decade. SuperStroke took the putter grip world by storm with their putter grip designs. Thick grips, square grips, you name it and it is available.

With a thicker putter grip it is harder to use your wrist during the stroke. Depending on what you prefer it might save you a few shots per round simply by changing to a grip that ensures a more consistent putting stroke.

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Putter Length

Long putters and belly putters were hot topics of discussion over the last couple of years. Many golfers had to change the way that they putt when the ban on long and belly putters was announced and enforced by the R&A and the USGA.

A standard length putter is 35 inches long, some players prefer a shorter than standard putter and others prefer to putt with a slightly longer putter. Players that brace their putter grips against their forearms like Matt Kuchar and Bryson Dechambeau use a slightly longer putter that is roughly 40 inches long.

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Best Putter to Buy – Expert Picks

Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2

Scotty Cameron is one of the best putter designers in the world. If it is a Scotty you can be assured that it is a high quality, precision engineered putter that is worth every dollar.

The new Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 is one of the best putters currently available on the market. The Select Newport 2 is a traditional looking putter that is packed with all of the latest innovation that can be expected from a Scotty.

  • Refined contours ensure a cleaner look at address. The topline of the Select Newport 2 is also slightly rounder. Both of these factors enhance alignment which in return instills confidence even before the put is hit.
  • The Select Newport 2 features a face inlay that dampens vibrations at impact. The design of the face inlay ensures great feel and feedback to ensure good control on every put.
  • The complete Select range of putters feature Scotty’s new four way balanced sole design. This design feature accounts for the weight of the grip and shaft to ensure that the putter is perfectly balanced in order to sit square at address.

Scotty Cameron putters are designed to last a lifetime, just ask Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods. Both Jordan and Tiger have trusted their Scotty Cameron’s for many years to help them win major championships.

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Odyssey O-Works Red #7S Putter

Odyssey is renowned for their putter designs and it is one of the most popular putter brands on professional tours around the world. The Odyssey O-Works Red #7S putter is a old favorite that features some new technology.

Luke Donald used the original #7 when he stormed to number 1 in the world, Henrik Stenson has had a #7 in his bag for many years. Let’s take a closer look at the technology utilised in the new #7S model.

  • The Red #7S features Odyssey’s new Microhinge face insert. The insert is co molded out of a stainless steel plate and a Thermoplastic Elastomer feel layer. This combination delivers a insert with great feel that ensures great roll off of the putter face regardless of your stroke.
  • The #7S features a Red finish, this look is simple, clean and very popular amongst tour pros around the globe.
  • The shape of the clubhead along with the alignment line makes aligning the golf ball very easy.

The Red #7S is also available in a center shaft option. This putter will be a welcome addition to your bag, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or single figure handicapper.

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Best Blade Putters to Buy

Bettinardi Queen B 5

The name says it all, the Bettinardi Queen B 5 blade putter is without doubt putting royalty. Bettinardi is one of the best putting manufacturers in the world and they have pulled out all of the stops with their latest release.

  • The new Queen B 5 features cleaner lines, tighter milled radiuses and softer bumpers in comparison to previous models, these changes ensure the perfect look at address.
  • The Queen B 5 features Bettinardi’s signature Micro Honeycomb face milled face which ensures great feel at impact.
  • The head weight of the Queen B 5 has been reconfigured to 362 grams. Robert Bettinardi experimented until he found what he thinks is the perfect head weight to ensure balance and stability.

The Queen B 5 isn’t only packed with cutting edge technology, its design and look will also ensure that your new putter stands out above the the crowd for its dashing good looks.

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Our next best putter for hitting straighter putts is the EVNROLL ER2 Blase Putter!

EVNROLL putters are the brainchild of putter design guru Guerin Rife. Rife started designing putters with closely spaced grooves running across the face and the results were remarkable.

If you’re struggling with distance control on your putts due to miss hits then the EVNROLL ER 2 blade putter might just be the answer to your woes.

  • The ER2 MidBlade features a CNC milled face, the close proximity of the grooves on the face creates great roll while also softening the strike at impact for great feel.
  • The head of the ER2 is manufactured out of 303 stainless steel.
  • The ER2 features a shorter wider heel in comparison to a traditional blade putter, this putter is a blade putter but it does have the look of a mallet putter.

The EVNROLL ER2 is the perfect putter for you if you prefer a blade putter with the solid feel of a mallet putter. The ER2 will without a doubt improve your overall speed and control when putting which is a welcome change for any golfer.

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Best Mallet Putters

TaylorMade MySpider Tour

The TaylorMade Spider mallet putter is one of the best mallet putters that money can buy. Dustin Johnson and Jason Day have had the Spider in the bag for a host of victories over the last two seasons.

The new MySpider Tour allows you to custom build your Spider putter with the exact specifications that you prefer.  The MySpider can be customised according to the following aspects:

  • Hosel design, ie. double bend, short slant or “L” Neck
  • Sightline for alignment
  • Face insert color – red or black
  • Head color – red, black, white, silver, blue, pink, purple
  • Wing color – red, black, white, silver, blue, pink, purple
  • Sightline color – red, black, white, silver, blue, pink, purple
  • Shaft – chrome or black
  • Shaft length
  • Grip color – red, black, white, silver, blue, pink, purple

The Spider putter features a perimeter weighting system that ensures solid feel at impact on every strike. The Spider is renowned for its easy to align design, overall it is a great mallet putter that will make a welcome addition to your game. 

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Odyssey EXO Rossie

Odyssey are well known for the putters that they have designed over the years, their Rossie model was one of the original mallet putters that was widely used by golfers of all skill levels.

Odyssey have given life to an old favorite, the EXO Rossie with its new and improved design is a mallet putter that will grab your attention. Let’s take a closer look at the new look EXO Rossie.

  • The new EXO range of putters with their multi material construction concentrate weight towards the perimeter of the putter, this increases MOI to ensure consistent speed and accuracy.
  • The EXO Rossie features Odyssey’s new Microhinge face insert, this insert produces great roll and it also delivers good soft feel off of the face at impact
  • The center of the Rossie EXO head is manufactured out of lightweight 6061 aluminum, and the perimeter is made out of 17-4 stainless steel.
  • The EXO Rossie is available in both a face balanced and toe hang option

The new look EXO Rossie with its futuristic design is a state of the art proven mallet design that is sure to shave a couple of putts off your round.

Resource: Golf Practice System with Step by Step Practice Plans + Video Lessons

Best Putter for Beginners

Odyssey Red Ball Putter Review

The Odyssey Red Ball putter was built to address and improve two fundamentals of putting: setup and alignment. Both setup and alignment are fundamentals of putting that you as beginner should focus on if you want to get a quick grasp of putting.

The Red Ball putter allows you to have a consistent good setup on every putt. It is as easy as aligning the red ball in the middle of the scope every time you putt and from there on out all you need to focus on is making a good solid stroke.

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Best Putters for Mid-handicappers

Ping Cadence TR Ketsch Putter Review

Ping has been an industry leader for decades, and their Cadence TR range of putters will be a welcome addition to your bag if you are a mid handicapper that is looking to shave a few shots of your handicap.

The TR Cadence putters utilise weighted face inserts to match your stroke tempo and feel preference. The traditional blue insert is for mid to faster tempos, and the heavy black insert is for golfers with a slower stroke.

Both of these inserts feature Ping’s True-Roll face technology which ensures great speed control and good feel at impact. The Ketsch model is very easy to line up, it suits players with any type of stroke and the length of the shaft is adjustable.

The Ketsch will be a welcome addition to your bag if you are serious about improving your putting. 

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Best Putter for Seniors

Scotty Cameron Futura

The Scotty Cameron 6M Futura putter is a great option if you are a senior player that wants to invest in a new putter. This Scotty Cameron putter was designed with forgiveness and resistance twisting as the driving force.

The 6M Futura utilises weight placement in the back falanges to ensure forgiveness, this weight placement also stabilises the putter through impact which reduces face twisting even on off center hits. The 6M Futura is designed out of high quality materials and it is a putter that is built to last a lifetime. 

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Best Value for Money Putters

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 6

If you are in the market for a high quality affordable putter then look no further than the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 6 putter. It runs under $100 while providing great performance.

The Huntington Beach Soft 6 putter features a precision milled face that will ensure distance control even on miss hit puts.

The Huntington Beach Soft 6 putter also features a small mallet head which will feel nice and solid at impact and it will give you good feedback on how your puts were struck.

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Most Expensive Golf Putter

Barth & Sons Golden Putter

Michael Barth created the ultimate luxury putter for passionate golfers that don’t mind spending a fortune on a putter. This handed crafted putter is made out of fine precious metals and it is covered in 24 karat gold. The average gold putter produced by Barth and Sons will set you back about $3000 but with customization options available that price tag will likely rise.

Putters Used by PGA Tour Pros

Have you ever wondered what putter Tiger, Rory, Spieth, DJ, and other professional PGA golfers use to hit putts on Sundays? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Check below to see which putter these famous golfers are currently using (updated Dec. 2018).

Tiger Woods Putter – What’s in the Bag

Scotty Cameron Newport 2

  • Tiger has won 13 majors with his trusted Scotty Cameron putter. He tried out a couple of different putters during the 2018 season but he put his Scotty back in the bag before his historic win at the 2018 Tour Championship.

Jordan Spieth Putter – What’s in the Bag

Scotty Cameron 009

  • Spieth burst onto the scene and quickly became one of the best in the world, his putting in particular has been one of the strongest parts of his game. Spieth uses the same Scotty Cameron putter that he played with as a junior golfer.

Rickie Fowler Putter – What’s in the Bag

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS Prototype

  • Fowler is one of the best putters in professional golf. Rickie has used a Scotty for majority of his golf career.

Justin Thomas Putter – What’s in the Bag

Scotty Cameron Futura X5

  • Thomas has been one of the best players in the world the last couple of years. JT has been a loyal Scotty putter user throughout his career. 

Jason Day Putter – What’s in the Bag

Taylormade Spider Tour Red

  • Jason Day won his 1st major using the Spider Tour Red putter from Taylormade and it has remained a constant feature in his bag ever since.

Dustin Johnson Putter – What’s in the Bag

TaylorMade Juno Blade

  • Johnson is renowned for his booming drives, but when his putting is on form he is unstoppable. Dustin used a TaylorMade Spider putter for a long time but he recently put his Taylormade Juno blade putter back into the bag.

Phil Mickelson Putter – What’s in the Bag

Odyssey Versa #9

  • Lefty has some serious short game skills. His putter of choice is the Odyssey Versa #9, this putter has been a constant feature in his bag over the last few years.

Bryson Dechambeau Putter – What’s in the Bag

Sik Blade

  • Golf’s mad scientist Dechambeau has a scientifically designed putter in the bag. Bryson uses a Sik (Science in Kinetics) putter that is custom made exactly to his scientific preference.

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