Fairway Wood Buying Guide 2024

Fairway woods are an essential part of every golfer’s club selection. They are designed for distance and can help you reach long holes when irons won’t work.

Fairway woods can help you improve your scores. On the flip side, they can be harder to control compared with irons and hybrids so you’ll want to choose a fairway wood that works best to suit your skills and fill gaps in your set of golf clubs.

The majority of golfers still face the dilemma of whether to choose a fairway wood or a hybrid because the line between the two seems blurred.

Others are undecided on the type of woods that can suit their skills, budget and other things an average golfer may want to achieve.

Even the most experienced golfers agree that choosing a suitable fairway wood is not easy.

There are different loft options to consider, head materials to compare, shafts to look for, and different brands to choose from including Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade, etc. and all are making wonderful clubs.

This guide is here to help solve the dilemma and help you make an informed choice when choosing your ideal fairway woods.

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What is a Fairway Wood?

Primarily, one could derive that these golf clubs are made of wood based on its name. And it was true maybe a few decades ago.

But modern fairway woods have different compositions and types, and are no longer made of wood.

A fairway wood generally has a wide clubface with a smaller head and shorter shaft.  It may very well complement your drivers, but it cannot replace them.

However, fairway woods are a great replacement for long irons. If you’re having trouble taming your blade iron or cavity back iron, you should give the fairway woods a try. They are easier to hit and they are easier to control.

You have the liberty to use fairway woods for your first stroke on long par-3s and short par-4s. Or, you may even want to use them for your second stroke.

It’s ultimately up to you. But to make the decision, you need to understand the ins and outs of what a fairway wood has in store for you.

The Characteristics of a Fairway Wood

The first difference you can notice when you see a fairway wood is in the clubhead.

Traditional drivers offer a 440cc area in general. When compared, the fairway clubhead only measures around 180cc.Another difference would be in the clubface.

You will notice that a fairway wood clubface is much shallower than a driver. It helps the club to keep the center of gravity as low as possible, giving the ball as much flight as possible.

Lastly, the sole design. The sole of your golf club will interact with the terrain no matter how hard you try. Fairway woods come with a more aggressive angle that allows you to hit even from the roughest terrains.

Why Playing The Right Fairway Wood Matters

Fairway woods are vital clubs in a golfer’s bag, and you should not go without them. Hitting with a fairway wood is easier than a driver as it boasts of more accuracy.

They are used by both long hitters to hit a par 5 in two and short hitters that tend to use it more often on par 3’s or par 4’s.

You will also need them on windy conditions because they can provide low ball flight that cuts through the wind and helps you maintain distance.

Fairway woods are also great for the ease in which they sweep across the grass, helping you make solid contact with the golf ball despite turf conditions.

There are a variety of circumstances when a player uses fairway woods. They can be used on long-shot approach on par-5s or long par-4s, off the tee on tight or shot par 4-s and finally from fairway bunkers.

Fairway woods work perfectly in getting the ball up or down, especially when playing in golf courses that expose you to struggle with wedges. The 2, 3 and 4 woods are great driver alternatives for those that need an easy hit.

Here is a summary of good reasons why you need to play with the right fairway wood:

  • Helps you on the tee and from the fairway
  • Helps you reach the green in 2 shots on par 5 holes
  • Built to sweep the ball off the ground, more forgiving than irons

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Top 3 Fairway Woods We Recommend

1. Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood

Callaway had tremendous success with their Epic fairway woods, and Rogue promises to be all that Epic offered and more.

The unveiling of Jailbreak technology in the Epic driver was what gave the driver it’s edge, the Epic driver in particular was a huge hit among golfers of all different levels.

The Rogue fairway woods feature this groundbreaking Jailbreak technology, it is the first time that it is utilized in a fairway wood design.

In addition to Jailbreak the Rogue fairway woods also feature face cup technology, internal standing wave technology and a industry leading aerodynamic design.

The Rogue line of fairway woods are packed with technology, has a sleek design and promises to be a great addition to the bag of players at all different levels.

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Jailbreak Technology
Jailbreak technology refers to the addition of two steel bars within the clubhead in order to stiffen the body of the club.

The stiffening of the body places more impact load on the face and as a result higher ball speeds are produced that leads to more distance.

Face Cup Technology

The Rogue fairway woods feature an extremely thin Carpenter 455 steel face, in combination with Jailbreak the face produces very high ball speeds.

In addition to Jailbreak and a thin face all Rogue fairway woods also feature Callaway’s Face Cup technology, this technology produces additional speed on both center and off center strikes.

Regardless if you find the middle of the clubface or not, with a Rogue fairway wood in hand you will always be able to generate high ball speeds for maximum distance.

Internal Standing Wave Technology

Included in all Rogue fairway woods is Callaway’s Internal Standing Wave technology. This technology was pioneered in their irons in order to position the center of gravity with extreme precision.

The center of gravity in all Rogue fairway woods is positioned low and forward in the clubhead in order to promote a distance enhancing combination of high-launch and low spin.

The Rogue features an aerodynamic design that promotes speed. Not only is the Rogue packed with technology and has a great design, but it is also available in an industry leading selection of lofts.

These loft options include a 13.5, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, and 25 degree option. If technology is what you are looking for then you can’t go wrong with purchasing a Rogue fairway wood, and a added bonus is the 7 different loft options that are available to choose from.

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2. Ping G400 Fairway Wood

Ping are renowned for making some of the best golf clubs on the market, their G400 series of fairway woods are definitely some of the best fairway woods currently available.

The G400 fairway woods feature a sleek design, are packed with technology and they are available in 4 different loft options. If you are seeking quality, technology, and variety then you will have to look no further than the G400 series from Ping.

Maraging Steel Face

All G400 fairway woods feature Ping’s Maraging Steel Face technology. The face on the G400 fairway woods are extremely thin, strong and flexible.

The face which is made from maraging steel (commonly used in the aerospace industry), generates faster ball speeds thus resulting in higher, longer, straight launching shots.

Thinnest Crown

G400 fairway woods also feature the thinnest crown that Ping has ever designed.

The 17 – 4 SS crown’s thin design saves weight, resulting in a low center of gravity and increased total MOI (Moment of Inertia). In addition turbulators increase ball speed and provides a club head with a captured look.

Machined Back Weight

The machined back weight in the head of the G400 is more dense in order to increase total MOI for excellent forgiveness.

The weight is also adjustable thus users are able to customize their swing weight to fit their needs.

The G400 is one of the best fairway woods currently available on the market.

Ping produce high quality golf clubs packed with technology and the G400 follows in the footsteps of its predecessors. If you are looking for new fairway woods then you can’t go wrong with the G400 range.

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3. PXG 0341X Fairway Wood

PXG has created quit the buzz over the last two years, initially they signed a lot of top professionals as ambassadors and many people were skeptical that they were going too big too soon.

That hasn’t been the case though and they have since emerged as a leading golf club manufacturer.

PXG’s 0341X fairway woods are some of the best fairway woods currently on the market.

They retail at a pretty hefty price but they are well designed high quality golf clubs packed with technology.

Some of their most renowned technological advances is included in the 0341X’s design namely: TPE Insert and precision fit technology. A carbon fiber crown, and constant face design also form part of the design of these fairway woods.

TPE Insert

PXG’s honeycomb TPE insert produces ultimate sound and feel, it is a patented insert uniquely used by PXG. The TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is the same material that is used in their putters and irons.

This groundbreaking material is constructed in the shape of a honeycomb in order to create a more efficient dampening structures and to reduce the overall weight of the clubhead.

Precision Fit

PXG clubs are renowned for the use of unique weight ports in the design of all of their clubs.

The 0341X fairway woods have 9 different weight ports. Platinum colored weights are made of high-density tungsten and weigh 2.5g per weight, and the black weights are made of low density titanium that weight .5g per weight.

Due to the fact that there is a significant amount of movable mass the club can be set up exactly to the specifications of the player to ensure the best results for every unique individual.

The 0341X also comes standard with PXG’s adjustable hosel thus the loft of the club can be adjusted with +/- 1.5 degrees in order to optimize the trajectory for players based on their own unique swing.

Carbon Fiber Crown

The 0341X features a 3.8 gram ultra lightweight carbon fiber crown. The use of a lightweight crown allows for mass to be redistributed in a forward position on the sole of the club. The result is ultimate forgiveness and feel.

Constant Face Design

The face of the 0341X fairway woods are made of a high strength ultra thin steel that is only .075” thick. This face design maximizes ball speed and this extra speeds leads to an increase in distance.

The PXG 0341X is packed with technology, features all of PXG’s design signatures and has a great look. The 0341X is available in a 2, 3, 5 and 7 wood option.

The addition of the 2 wood with 13 degrees of loft on it will be very appealing to players who prefer hitting a fairway wood off the tee. If you don’t mind paying a little more than average then you can’t go wrong with any one of these state of the art fairway woods.

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Fairway Wood vs. Hybrid – Differences and Uses

Hybrid golf clubs can be described as the younger brother to fairway woods because they haven’t been in the market as long as their counterpart has been.

However, their popularity has grown immensely among golfers because of their shot-making capabilities. They are available in similar lofts as fairway woods.

The main differentiating factor between fairway woods and hybrid is that when a player uses a hybrid, it gets more difficult for them to hit long distances. Fairway woods feature a longer shaft and are more ideal for those who want to hit from the tee box or the fairway. They are more forgiving thanks to their larger heads.

Hybrids come with shorter shafts and ideal from the rough use for those who want more efficiency. Their small heads enable them to get to the ball on uneven or bad lies.

They both make the game fun and easier, and it’s not easy to differentiate between the two. The choice on which one to use depends on the distance you need to cover and the condition of the course.

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What Are Adjustable Fairway Woods?

Golf players now have access to adjustable fairway woods that gives them the freedom to customize them to their liking. The adjustability of fairway woods is a modern concept that is increasingly becoming popular among manufacturers.

Pro golfers, as well as amateurs, are receiving this concept with open arms, and it has since become one of the features to look for when buying fairway woods.

Golfers keep changing their swings every day, and they need to adjust the clubs to meet the changes, and the adjustability of the clubs helps a lot. The following aspects of the wood can be adjusted to fit various swings.


Opting for fairways woods with adjustable lofts is the best decision any golfer can make. The loft is what determines how far the ball will go as it controls the trajectory. Changing of the loft changes the purpose of the club.

You can adjust the loft either up or down depending on what you plan to achieve and should go at least 5 degrees. Adjusting down means better hitting off the tee while adjusting up is for those who want to hit greens on par 5’s.

Adjusting the loft also changes the lie angle, which affects horizontal ball flight (left or right spin). The lie is the shaft angle at address in relation to the ground. Some manufacturers provide adjustable hosels to allow players to change the loft without affecting the lie.

Adjustable Weights

You can also adjust the fairway wood to move the weights where you desire. Changing the weight affects the gravity of the club, which affects the forgiveness, distance and flight trajectory. Every golfer can customize the weight of the club to suit their skills and desires.

Most clubs come with a sheet to help you program the club to suit your ball flight trajectory needs.

Face Angle

Players can adjust the face angle to either closed (face towards the golfer’s direction) or open (faces away from the player). All these depend on the player’s preference. The open clubface is suitable for players that tend to hook the ball while closed is perfect for those that want to fix a slice or create draw spin.

What are Non-Adjustable Fairway Woods?

While adjustability has become the new norm in fairway woods, some players still prefer their clubs non-adjustable.

According to the players and some manufacturers, just because the hosel of the club is adjustable doesn’t mean it’s better or worse than the one which is not.

What matters is whether the player’s game matches the club or not. The non-adjustable clubs tend to come with their weight in a neutral setting; hence players see no need to adjust.

Resource: Golf Practice System with Step by Step Practice Plans + Video Lessons

Things to Consider When Buying a Fairway Wood

1. Club loft needs to fill distance gaps

Fairway woods feature different loft options. Players choose their desired option with consideration to the setup of their bag. The options include 3, 5, 7, 9, depending on what they intend to achieve and the distance gaps needing filled that other clubs can’t achieve.

For example, if the next longest club in your bag is a 4 iron that you hit 200 yards, you may need a 3 wood that you can use to hit shots 220 yards. Or you could get a 5 wood to hit 200 yards if you find it easier to hit than a 4 iron.

2. Fairway Wood Head Design Factors

The clubhead of fairway woods is a very important factor because this is the part that gets into contact with the golf ball. Players can go for a broad face to help launch the ball or shallower face to help hit from the rough and fairway.

The head designs also come with rounded edges that help players cut through the rough or flat edges that provide better hits from tight lies.

3. Material make up of woods

Fairway woods come in three different materials. Don’t get confused since they are called “woods” because wood is not one of the materials use in modern day fairway clubs. The material choices you choose will help to determine the feel of the clubface and these include the following:


Most manufacturers use steel for constructing the head of their fairway wood clubs. Steel mostly brings out a smaller, stronger and more forgiving head. Stainless steel is the most popular because they are inexpensive and easy to cast to form different shapes and sizes.


Titanium is also highly used in making fairway wood heads because they provide a high strength-to-weight ratio. This material is higher than steel, and the manufacturer can use it to make a larger clubhead that meets all the weight requirements.

Titanium clubs are highly durable, and even the strongest golfers can last long with these kinds of clubs. Clubs made using titanium are lightweight, strong and expensive. The best example of a fairway club made from titanium material is the TaylorMade’s SIM.


Composite clubs are made with a combination of different materials of either titanium with steel or carbon with steel. The combination brings out an ultra-lightweight, durable, and affordable fairway woods.

The lightweight nature of these clubs enables the manufacture to place the weight in the head’s perimeter for better off-center hits. Clubs made from composite materials also come at a premium price and the best example it the FT-I Squareway from Callaway.


Aluminum materials in fairway woods heads are affordable and ideal for beginners. However, aluminum materials call for thicker walls to prevent cracking or caving in, and this interferes with the ball speed.

4. Picking out the right shaft for your fairway wood

When shopping for the right fairway wood, you should never overlook the shaft because it’s a vital component of your club. Fairway woods aim to provide longer shafts that offer more distance but sacrifice the degree of control.

Every golfer has a different swing speed, and the shaft should fit this. If you’re a slow swinger, you should go for flexible shafts. Faster swingers should get stiffer shafts to match the speed and give better results.

Players should go look for professional shaft fitting services for fairway wood so that they can get a shaft that fits perfectly with their swing speed.

5. Picking out the right grip

Picking the right grip for your fairway wood is very important, as this is what enables your hands to control the ball. Unfortunately, most golfers only focus on the shaft, lofts, and other features, forgetting that all these won’t walk perfectly without a good grip.

You must understand that the grips can wear off very fast; hence, quality is important when choosing one. Many factors can determine the lifespan of your grip, including how you hold it, frequency of use and the weather conditions.

When choosing grip, also consider the firmness. Pro golfers often go for firmer grips that provide better torsion control suitable for those with high swing speed. A firmer grip also allows the player to grip lighter for reduced pressure and improved swing.

Good fairway grips are mostly standard sizes, but golfers can size down or up depending on what they deem suitable for their needs. To get a feel of a suitable grip for your needs, you should try getting a hold of different grip sizes and find out if you prefer thicker or thinner grips.

6. Cost

The cost of your fairway wood is an essential deciding factor when shopping for the best clubs. The current fairway woods come with more advanced features and incredible improvements that have hiked their prices with a huge margin.

If you’re planning to buy a new club, be prepared to spend a fortune. If you’re a new golfer, going for a second-hand fairway wood golf club will be a good idea. This is because you’re still at the trial stage, and you haven’t discovered your ideal club and going for one with a hefty price tag can be a big loss if you don’t end up liking it.

You can save the costs by option for the previous ranges, which gets a reduced price whenever the manufacturer releases a new version. Also, consider making your purchase during the festive seasons or as soon as a new club is released to the market because you’re likely to get good discounts at this time.

Resource: Golf Practice System with Step by Step Practice Plans + Video Lessons


When Should You Use a Fairway Wood?

The answer to this question solely depends on what you are trying to achieve from your game. If you have confidence in your skills, you can get away with using the wood even in the greens. Or, if you have problems with your wedges, a good quality fairway wood can definitely help you with that.

Most players use these golf clubs from the tee, to send the ball as far as they can. As the fairway woods come with a higher loft, you can expect a soft landing. So, as long as you measure your shot right, you’ll be very close to the hole. Fairway bunkers are also a good place to start with these clubs.

Can You Use the Standard Variant or the Low-Spin Variant?

A very good question indeed. Most manufacturers offer fairway woods in two different variants. One is regular that comes with standard specs. And the other one is a low-spin variant that helps the flight path straight.

So, which one should you go for? If you have experience with marketing reps, they will let you take both variants for a spin. And with the low-spin version, you’ll clearly notice that your ball is going at higher speeds and covering more distance.

Does Getting Fitted Help My Fade or Slice?

It does. Over the last few years, dialing the right shape for the right shot has become very important. And you would definitely want an adjustable fairway wood to aid you with those shots.

For example, a wood club with an upright lie angle is very good for closing the face a fraction. The higher you go, the more draw bias you get. Fairway woods give you amazing adjustability in terms of loft and upright lie. You can tune it your way for different purposes.

How Many Fairway Woods Do I Need?

You cannot expect to get an exact answer to your question. Some players may get away with one while others might want to keep a set of fairway woods in their bag. If you feel comfortable with your fairway woods shots, you can use multiple.

Another thing to consider is the gap between your hybrids and your shortest fairway wood club. You can fill the gap with corresponding fairway woods.

You can do the same with hybrids or golf irons. The choice ultimately comes down to whether you are comfortable with the clubs and how you want to play your game.

Recommended Fairway Woods by Manufacturer

Choosing your best fairway wood club of 2024 is easy and fun if you’ve gone through the guide and understand all the requirements.

If you’re ready to pick the best choice, you can never go wrong with these three main brands, namely; Titleist, Callaway, and TaylorMade.

Here are some of the best options for each brand.





Choosing a good fairway wood for your golfing doesn’t have to be stressful if you understand all the ins and outs of these clubs. The first step to making an informed choice is to understand the difference between a hybrid club and the fairway wood.

You also need to understand the loft options and whether you need some adjustability. Shafts, costs materials, grip, among other things, should not be overlooked either.

Once you understand all these factors and the role they play in your golfing skills, you can now head straight to the review section and make yourself the best fairway wood choice for some of the most reputable brands in the golf equipment industry.

Thanks for reading our blog post today on the best golf fairway woods to buy in 2024. We hope this review helped you make a decision on which fairway club to check out.

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