best womens fairway woods review

Top 5 Women’s Fairway Woods Review

Top 5 Women’s Fairway Woods

#1: Callaway Women’s X Hot Fairway Wood

The Callaway Women’s X Hot is a perfect Fairway Wood for women who prefer consistent swing speed and a good driving distance. It comes with a 19-degree trajectory and a graphite shaft.

The X comes with a Forged Speed Frame Face Cup which increases the ball’s speed with a long and straight drive.

This women’s fairway wood comes with a low center of gravity and loft angle designed to provide great launches for female players. The Warbird sole design ensures the lie doesn’t affect your game.

The club is constructed with 455 carpenter steel making it stronger and enhances the ball speed. Its weighting is optimized to minimize slice swings and hooks.

The Progressive Roll Radius technology aids a flatter roll to increase the loft angle and produce a softer landing.

The Callaway X Hot fairway wood also comes with an incredible feel and control suitable for every woman player. The club comes with a classy and elegant look that is the taste of every woman golfer.

Consistency, forgiveness, and easy shots launching are all the features present in this Callaway Women’s X Hot Fairway Wood.

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#2: Cobra Women’s King F6 Fairway Wood

cobra womens f6 fairway wood (1)

Cobra Women’s King F6 Fairway Wood combines distance and forgiveness in a single club to ensure every woman player enjoys the golfing experience.

The ability to adjust the club to your desired requirements makes it one of a kind allowing you to tune to your unique style for the best experience.

It is optimized to tolerate and forgive off-center hits with good loft distance. The club uses a Matrix Red Tie 55Q4 Graphite Shaft.

The forged 475 High-Strength Carpenter Steel face ensures maximum forgiveness and ball speed. The launch is enhanced by rear CG while the forward CG ensures increased distance and roll.

The Speed Channel, which is exclusive to Cobra, ensures maximum acceleration of the face so that you can get good distance even on strikes outside the sweet spot.

You can easily adjust the optimal launch and trajectory with the MyFly adjustable hosel. With this, you can get the most out of your swing speed and enjoy playing golf.

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#3: TaylorMade Women’s JetSpeed Fairway Wood

TaylorMade’s Jetspeed comes with an improved Speed Slot that ensures the face of the club has plenty of flex for good ball speed and great distance even on off-center hits.

It features a low center of gravity, giving it a good launch angle with optimal spin. JetSpeed uses the Matrix Velocity R shaft with varying weight to ensure good control and response.

The low profile head improves the club’s accuracy and distance. The club has a low and well-forward center of gravity for ball spin for optimal launch conditions, maximum speed, and loft.

You can get the club in 3, 5, and 7 with lots of 15, 17, and 19-degree respectively.

It also comes in a left-handed 3 and 5. It has a 15-degree angle, features a head cover and comes from the best-selling names in the golf equipment industry, the TaylorMade.

The sleek and elegant look as well as the black crown and silver face is perfect for easy alignment and ideal for every woman golfer.

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#4: Tour Edge Women’s Hot Launch 2

tour edge womens wood

While the fuss is still on about the Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 for men, women also have something to talk about with the Hot Launch 2 version for women. It’s a fairway wood mixed with iron design to give sort of a hybrid type play.

The club comes with a 450SS hyper steel construction making it feel crisp and helps with ball launching.

The Variance Face Thickness also gives you great distance on your shots and creates a spring like an effect when the face of the club meets the ball.

The center of gravity is enhanced by rear sole weighting putting the weight in place to make the wood very forgiving.

Tour Edge Women’s Hot Launch 2 comes with different types of woods to choose from with customized features. So if you need to replace a 3 iron or maybe your not comfortable with your 4 and 5 iron, you can find a hot launch club for them to replace.

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#5: Adams Women’s Tight Lies Fairway Wood

The Adam’s Tight Lies fairway wood come with an incredible number of technologies making this club stand out from the rest.

The cambered tri-level sole is one of the best technologies employed in this club, making it breeze out of difficult lies.

The head comes with a unique upside-down styling enabling it to make great contact with the ball hence increasing the sweet spot and high launching shots with good consistency and accuracy.

The Ghost Slot Technology works well to conceal the crown slot for enhanced forgiveness, ball speed, and great distance.

The sound is powerful on impact thanks to the incredible design. The club looks easy and simple and feels very comfortable and easy to swing as well.

It has good feedback with good forgiveness, so you don’t have to worry about off-center hits.

So, if you’re a lady golfer who is more focused about incredible distance, forgiveness, and accuracy, Adams Women’s Tight Lies Fairway Wood will do you the justice.

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What should I look for when selecting a Fairway Wood?

Selecting the right fairway wood from different varieties in the market can be a hard task. However, if you know exactly what to look for, you won’t have a problem choosing the best.


One of the things to look for when buying fairway woods is the shaft. The graphite shaft is always the most ideal choice for women golfers. If you have a good swing speed, then you can trust yourself with steel shaft.

Graphite shafts have, however, become more popular than steel because golfers now prefer lighter shafts because they are easier to swing. While average steel weighs up to 100 grams, graphite shafts range between 50-75 grams.

They, therefore, get more distance with great feel and consistency.


Material is very important, especially in the area around the head. Most fairway woods are made with tough steelhead.

In fact, steel has dominated the market for several decades not only on fairways but other clubs as well. It provides stability, is to use for building smaller heads and cheaper.

If you want a lighter option, you should opt for titanium which is normally used for tee shots. They are great for making the face of the fairway wood.

They build thinner faces that provide a spring-like effect for more distance. Less weight enables the manufacturers to place more weight around the lower part and behind the club for more stability and forgiveness on off-center hits.

Composite is another lightweight option for your club’s head. They cannot be used on the sole of clubface of the fairway wood. However, both titanium and composite are a little bit more expensive than steel.

Which one should I get between Fairway Woods and Hybrid?

Whether you choose a hybrid or fairway woods depends on your individual choice. There is no golden rule.  However, if you prefer your club with a larger head, then you’ll have fairways.

The large head aids more forgiveness and a higher launch for more backspin. They are also good for the fairway and the tee.

The hybrids are best for the rough since they have smaller heads that get the ball out of bad and uneven lies easily. You should, therefore, consider distance and pick the club and lofts that meet these needs.

Usually, a 19-degree fairway goes much further than a 19-degree hybrid because the head is sure to generate more speed with longer shafts.

Why is a low center of gravity important in fairway woods?

You must have noticed that most fairway woods come with a low center of gravity. The reason for the low center of gravity is to increase initial launch with reduced spin.

Manufacturers achieve a low center of gravity by placing most of the weight from the crown and clubface to rear part of the sole.

The low center of gravity is of great help for every golfer who wants to get the ball airborne. This will give you a higher ball speed as well and an incredible distance you need for the best performance.

Which fairway wood should my bag have?

The answer to this question is not as straight forward as you may want it to be. First, you need to know the kind of golf courses you play.

You will need lower shots that run along the ground for links-style courses, and shots that fly higher and land softer for traditional courses. Shots that land softer will require you to carry as many fairway woods as possible. \

Moreover, if you play golf in windy conditions, you will have a hard time controlling fairway woods because they are designed for the high initial launch.

The rule of thumb for this is, therefore, that you always have a 3-wood for tee shots and 5-wood in handy to fit the weather in the course you’re playing.

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