Best Golf Cart Bags

Some people argue that Hybrid bags are the ideal bag any golfer should have. Yet, there are cart bags that are well suited to being the golfer’s perfect companion.

There are a few essential to consider when selecting a bag. The main ones are; the storage space and pockets, the weight, full-length dividers, a rain hood, Putter well, towel ring, and a glove holder.

These are in addition to the handle and padding. Here are the best Golf cart bags on the market today.

  • PING Pioneer Golf Bag
  • Founders Club Premium Golf Bag
  • Taylor Made Supreme Golf Bag
  • Izzo Ultra-lite Cart Bag
  • PING DLX Golf Cart Bag
  • Sun Mountain Maverick Cart Bag
  • Selective Leather Golf Bag

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PING Pioneer Cart Bag

Equipped with a cart strap pass-through, the ping pioneer deserves its place among the best cart bags. The bag is spacious, eye-catching, and has pockets that do not intrude on each other at all, the towel ring, and the glove holder.

Key Features

  1. The PING Pioneer has a 15-way full-length club divider that is well-spaced. There is no need to worry, therefore, about your club snagging with this bag.
  2. The PING Pioneer provides ample storage and a Putter well with an abrasion pad.
  3. The pockets of the PING Pioneer are well placed. Fourteen in total, including a cooler pocket, two large apparel pockets, and a range finder pocket.
  4. An umbrella sleeve is one of the add ons that come along with it.
  5. Not forgetting the matching rain hood, the PING Pioneer keeps your clubs from getting wet during the rain.

Founders Club Premium Cart Golf Bag

With the 14 way top, the Founders Club Premium Cart bag sits among the best storage golf bags. It guarantees no rattles and zero club damage. Imagine a cart bag where you know precisely where each club sits.

Key Features

  1. The Founders Club Premium Cart bag has a fourteen-way full-length club divider
  2. The bag has a total of 12 pockets, including a range finder pocket and an enormous apparel pocket.
  3. The bag also has a large cooler pocket for your beverages.
  4. The overall weight of 9.5 pounds is, however, a significant negative for this bag.

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Taylor Made Supreme Cart Bag

Taylor Made has always made bags that put a golfer’s needs first. The Taylor Made Supreme is not any different at that since it provides a 15-way top divider. It also provides one of the most enormous cooler pockets.

Key Features

  1. The Taylor Made Supreme comes with 15-way full-length dividers. These are wide and will protect your clubs from snagging.
  2. The Taylor Made Supreme also has expandable pockets. Twelve pockets in total, including a tee pocket, ball pocket, and split side apparel pocket.
  3. The bag has a detachable insulated cooler pocket with drain ports.
  4. It also has a towel ring, umbrella holder, and a matching rain hood.

Izzo Ultra-lite Golf Cart Bag

Izzo heard the cries of senior golfers and those with bad backs concerning the heavyweight of the cart bags. In response, Izzo made the Ultra-lite Cart Bag weighing just a mere 3.8 pounds. I know what you are thinking, close to a stand bag, right?

Key Features

  1. The Ultra-lite Cart bag comes with a 14-way full-length divider system for easy organization and to protect your clubs from snagging.
  2. The bag’s ball pocket is fully customizable with your name.
  3. The Izzo Ultra-lite bag comes with a towel ring and a glove Velcro holder.
  4. It also comes in four color choices; all black, red, blue, and gray/lime.
  5. The bag’s lightweight means you can pull/push or even carry if you want. For those looking to be carrying this one, note that the shoulder straps are sold separately.
  6. The bag’s lightweight also means fewer pockets – six in total, of which the manufactures thought to include a phone pocket.


The PING DLX Cart bag is one of the largest bags in the cart bag category. It provides an abundance of space and also comes with a hidden shoe compartment. The cart bag is also made of easy to wipe-down material which makes it very easy to clean.

Key Features

  1. The DLX comes with a top diameter of 11″ and a 15-way full-length divider. These features help to accommodate every club in your set.
  2. It has a dedicated Putter well to fit even the biggest of oversized grips.
  3. The DLX has an integrated umbrella slot and a Velcro glove holder.
  4. It comes with 15 different pockets, including a large cooler pocket, large apparel pockets, and deployable shoe pouches.
  5. The bag’s cart strap pass-through ensures access to all pockets even when the bag is strapped to a cart.
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Sun Mountain Maverick Cart Bag

The Sun Mountain Maverick Cart bag weighs just under six pounds. It has a fourteen-way top and ample space for storage. Sun Mountain has its name written among the best golf bag manufacturers, and they upheld why on this one.

Key Features 

  1. Sun Mountain Maverick cart bag comes with a 14-way full-length divider system to protect your golf clubs. The divider also prevents the migration of shafts.
  2. Sun Mountain Maverick also comes with eleven pockets, including multiple accessory pockets and a rented cooler pocket.
  3. The cart strap pass-through design ensures access to all the pockets even when the bag is strapped to a cart.
  4. The bag has cart bumpers that help with durability.
  5. The bag also comes with a matching rain hood.

Selective Leather Golf Cart Bag

Hand-made in Italy from 100% high-quality full-grain leather, this bag only comes in black and brown colors. The bag is very light weight (7.94 lbs), yet it is very durable. It is also completely waterproof, with a transparent nylon rain cover, for additional protection.

Key Features

  1. It has an umbrella ring and a towel hook.
  2. The bag doesn’t offer plenty of storage like its counterparts.
  3. It is excellent for making a statement. That said, the high price tag is just payment for the craftsmanship.

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Key Takeaways

Choosing from the above golf cart bags will assure you of a far from regrettable experience. Each golf cart bag is on the above list due to the ensuing features.

Storage space:

A bag with an abundance of storage helps you to carry all the necessary equipment and accessories needed for a round of golf. The more the number of pockets, the more the storage space.

Club divider system: A 15-way full-length club divider system keeps all the clubs in your set separately. This arrangement keeps your clubs from snagging. It also makes it easy to pick the needed club and to notice any missing clubs that you could have left some holes back. So make sure to look out for bags with a full-length club divider system.

Handles and Padding: Handles are necessary as you will have to carry your golf bag in and out of your car with ease. A golf bag with a well-padded handle is good because it makes lifting easy. A backpack with extra handles is even better as it accommodates easier grabbing when lifting the load.

Cooler Pocket: If you expect to play golf any time of the year, this pocket will come in handy, especially during the summer when the heat can be extreme. It will keep your beverages cold for you to stay comfortably hydrated in the course of the game.

Weight: You should not overlook the weight of the golf cart bag. A heavy golf cart bag might cause disturbances when lifting it in and out of your car. Always compare their individual weight before tapping the purchase button.

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