Best Golf GPS Apps Review Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, all golfers desire to shoot their best score on a golf course. Using tools like a golf GPS app can help you execute best golf course strategy knowing the precise distances to bunkers, water, and the green.

Golf GPS apps use satellite data to monitor your position on the golf course and pinpoint your location and distance accurately. You get precise and valuable information about a specific golf course to help improve your game.

Here’s why you should download one, what to look for, and a review of the best golf GPS apps to try out the next time you hit the links:

Why You Should Use Golf GPS Apps

#1: Eliminate Guesswork

A golf GPS app is like a digital caddy that gives you a secondary perspective of the course. The app captures all the critical information you need to achieve more accurate golf shots. Some GPS golf apps can calculate your average swing distance for all clubs and recommend the best ones to use in each situation.

You can make better decisions when you know the exact distance to the hole or the location of the water hazards. Being informed ensures you make the right moves while staying focused on the game.

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#2: Quick Familiarity with the Course

Using a golf GPS app gives you the advantage that usually only comes with repeated experience. Instead of taking numerous plays on unknown courses to get the right strategy dialed in and avoid traps, you get the information you need upfront.

Immediate familiarity with the course improves your game experience and performance. You get increased awareness for better planning, even in courses you’ve never played before.

#3: Enhanced Game Flow

A golf GPS app makes the game more efficient. You can save time you’d have spent eyeballing or measuring distances. With a GPS app, you no longer have to waste time trying to determine the exact distance or the best club for a particular terrain.

The app conveniently provides everything you need on your smartphone for smooth gameplay. You no longer have to carry multiple devices like a rangefinder and GPS watch.

Factors to Consider in Golf GPS Apps

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Review of the Best Golf GPS Apps

#1: Hole19

Hole19 is a high-quality golf GPS app available for Android and Apple phones and watches for free. Experience a unique and intuitive design plus an excellent user interface. You can check distances to the center, front or back of the green on over 43,000 courses!



#2: The Grint

The Grint golf GPS app is perfect for handicapping. It’s fun and easy to use and makes tracking of your handicap a breeze. The Grint app is free and available for Android and Apple smartphones.



#3: 18 Birdies

With 18 Birdies, you get a digital scorecard, GPS rangefinder and stat tracker all under one roof. It offers you plenty of news from the golfing world, rewards and side games. The app allows you to create golfing social network to share scores and compete.



#4: GolfShot

The GolfShot golf GPS app is suitable for everyone, whether you’re a pro or casual player. It has both free and pro features and is available for Android and Apple smartphones and devices. It’s highly rated among golfers and is excellent if you want to improve your game gradually.



#5: GolfLogix

GolfLogix has been around for a while and is loved by many golfers worldwide. It takes golf GPS to a whole new level by giving you an advanced view of the green. You get a topographical, 3D, in-depth map of each green. It’s available for Android and Apple smartphones.



#6: SkyDroid

With the SkyDroid app, you don’t require an internet connection to view GPS distances. It’s available for Android and iPhone phones at $1.99 only, which is fair considering the value you get.



Overall, the best free golf GPS app is Hole19, while the best-paid golf GPS app is GolfShot Plus.

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