best putters for women

Best Putters for Women (Top 7)

#1: Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Vline Ladies Putter

Odyssey has been one of the leading manufacturers of putters for many years, and things have not changed with their latest models.

The Odyssey white hot pro 2.0 Vline putter is the latest addition that comes with a white-hot insert. The insert design provides more consistent performance, feel, and sound.

The putter is also forgiving, which means hitting slightly off the center will not leave you with disappointing results. The putter head is mallet type, and you’ll also get a matching headcover with it.

This model has black alignment lines, and these lines extend a little bit so you can swing the putter along the intended track.

Although the price is slightly higher, you’ll get the quality you need for a putter.


  • Large sweet spot and forgiving
  • Black lines for alignment
  • The right length for a female golfer
  • Enhanced performance, feel, and sound


  • A little bit overpriced than others

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#2: Cleveland Golf Women’s Huntington Beach Putter

Cleveland Huntington beach putter is a blade-style putter that has a premium design and excellent features. The best feature is its milled and textured clubface that encourages more topspin.

This putter has a very soft yet responsive feel. To get this feeling, the manufacturers used 304 stainless steel for the putter body.

There is only one alignment line on the crown of this putter. Plus, it comes with a pre-installed pistol grip of standard size and is available in three shaft lengths.


  • True roll
  • Soft feel
  • Very consistent


  • A little bit expensive

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#3: Women’s Odyssey White Hot RX Putter

Odyssey combined white hot insert technology with a double layer injected molded insert to make a putter that is ultimate in feel and speed. This hot RX putter has everything you demand from a world-class putter.

Plus, the striking surface comes with a textured clear coat that increases friction, resulting in faster rolling of the golf ball on the green.

The RX putter features improved accuracy and alignment with a new V-line fang and tour-proven head shapes. In addition, there is an option to choose between multiple grips so that you can get a perfect setup for your strokes.


  • Face insert technology
  • Decent forgiveness
  • Looks adorable
  • Feels softer
  • Multiple grip options available


  • The alignment system is not that good.

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#4: Pinemeadow Golf Women’s PGX Putter

If you’re the one who wants great balance for swing, extra grip, and something versatile, the Pinemeadow women’s PGX is good to go. This putter looks excellent due to its classy white finishing.

In addition, the putter provides enough forgiveness to help you out with off-center hits, and it also offers an accurate head shape.

The best part is that the clubhead only weighs 380 grams making it easier for you to putt across fast greens. You may be thinking of losing momentum during impact because of the weight, so don’t worry, as the alignment lines will help you keep the putter on the target line.


  • Easy alignment
  • Excellent stability
  • Improved balance
  • High performance
  • Custom headcover included


  • Collect scratches
  • Stain easily on the whitehead

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#5: TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter

It is one of the best putters for women designed to give an excellent feel, performance, and consistency. Although it is not a complete women’s putter, it’ll serve your purpose.

This brand new putter offers the best of both mallet and blade style. Plus, its higher MOI gives you more consistency and leads to a smoother experience.

The FCG putter also features CU29 pure roll to give you a firmer feel, and it comes with an adjustable sole weight so you can set the putter according to your needs.

If you’re a low handicap player, the TaylorMade FCG will be an excellent choice for you.


  • Higher MOI
  • Tungsten sole weight position in the bottom
  • Adjustable sole weight
  • CU29 copper pure roll


  • Length may be an issue for some women golfers.

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#6: Wilson Staff Harmonized Golf Putter

Wilson staff harmonized is the best putter for beginner women, which makes your putting game more enjoyable. In addition, the price of this putter is low and features a large diameter grip. This grip can help you hold the putter tightly to avoid slipping from your hands during impact.

This model comes with a face insert technology that provides both consistency and feel. Plus, there is a soft grip on the putter, especially for women.

If you want an excellent beginner putter which is simple to use, the Wilson staff harmonized is a perfect fit.


  • Reasonable price
  • Soft grip for women’s hands
  • Available in two styles, a blade, and a mallet


  • Feel is not that good.

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#7: Ray Cook Golf- Ladies Billy Baroo 300 Putter

As we all know, putters can be a little bit expensive. The high price makes golfers rethink making a new purchase. However, with the Ray cook golf putters, the decision can be easier.

Ray cook ladies Billy Baroo 300 putter is their best masterpiece that comes at a cheap price and offers many premium features. It is an oversized mallet type putter made for mid to high handicap golfers.

The favorite feature of this putter is the Paddle grip that helps women golfers eliminate unnecessary wrist movements, so the putter flows on the right track.

Along with a great grip, the Billy Baroo 330 also has a vibration-damping insert to enhance the club’s feel. With a better feel, golfers can control their game a bit more.

This model has perfect alignment lines on its top, so it becomes easy for you to get the putter on the target line.


  • Great design
  • Oversized grip
  • Headcover included
  • Vibration dampening insert


  • A little bit over lightweight for some golfers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Ideal Putter Length?

Many golfers struggle when they choose a putter for themselves, and they sometimes end up having a long one. Most putters are available between 33 and 35 inches when many golfers need 31-34 inch putters.

However, the details on the putter will give you an idea of its length. So for a petite woman, choosing a smaller putter will be a great choice.

On the other hand, taller women can choose a putter that comes with 34 inches of length.

Difference Between Mallet and Blade Putters?

The significant difference between a mallet and a blade putter is the alignment lines. The former has much longer alignment lines compared to the latter. So, for a beginner, choosing a mallet will be a much better choice.

Plus, it is for those who have a straight back and straight-through putting stroke.

Although the blade putters do not have long alignment lines, they still perform better on fast greens. Usually, they have a better feel than mallet putters.

If you have an arc-type putting stroke, you can go for a blade putter and want a better feel and control.

Why Does Alignment Matter?

Every golfer has a different alignment strategy. So it is necessary to check the alignment when looking for a putter. The one thing you need to make sure of is to check whether you’re comfortable with the alignment system.

You can only hit great putts with a well-proportioned alignment system, as it helps create a balance between the putter and gravity.

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