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Make More Putts: Best Scotty Cameron Putters (Review)

Scotty Cameron is one of the best putter brands in the game of golf. Many Scotty Cameron putters can be seen on TV being used by PGA and LPGA players. Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth to name a few who have had great success winning majors using the Scotty Cameron.

Today we review several different models for you to decide which one could be right for your style of play and golf game. There are blade putter styles and mallet styles to choose from.

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Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter

The Newport 2 Scotty Cameron Putter was released for sale in Match 30th 2018. This putter is the new exciting blades in the market since it’s an all-time classic and improved design that makes it the most coveted golf equipment.

Newport 2 maintains the craftsmanship and the beauty associated with Scotty Cameron putters. Its designers carefully considered every area starting from the soft edges to the thickness and feel given by the midsize Matador grip.


The Newport 2 comes with a multi-material construction which features a stainless steel body and an aluminum face inlay which work together to distribute weight evenly and enhance balance, sound, and feel.

The four-way sole balancing from front to back and side to side enables the putter to sit square. The 30 percent vibration-dampening material layer between the stainless steel body and the face enhances its sound and feel.

The looks the Newport 2 comes with a classic plumber-neck blade design with a thinner topline with softer edges. The branding area is right making it less boring.

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Sound and feel

The putter comes with a midsize grip that fits nicely hands giving you a firm but gentle grip. The impact sound is a bit loud with a pop sound as the leaves the face inlay.


The multi-material technology supported by the 303 stainless insert that goes from the sole to the face supports a smooth stroke. The vibration dampening system gives it a responsive feel and feedback.

Finally, the use of weights in the heel and toe enables the weight to adjust according to the weight of the putter hence creating balance and forgiveness.

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Scotty Cameron Fastback Putter

The Scotty Cameron Fastback putter released in March 30th, 2018 comes with a number of improvements that make it better and worthy of replacing the Mallet 1. It comes with several alignment features as well as a single filled flange line.

It has a clean, tour-preferred look at address with additional vibration dampening material between the sole and the body for better sound and feel.


Fastback comes with a single bent shaft that is designed specifically for players who prefer fewer arcs in their stroke for maximum forgiveness and improved confidence. It also features a short blade with an extended back giving a thicker face for a solid feel.

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Sound and feel

It comes with an optimized sound and feels thanks to the perimeter weighting that ensures the heavier stainless steel moves to the perimeter.

It also incorporates the lighter aluminum face-sole with a weight saving single bend shaft hence adding forgiveness and give you the required confidence. The integrated vibration dampening material also gives it a soft feel and solid feedback.

The putter also comes with a re-engineered stance accounting for the weight of the shaft and grip through the redistribution of sole metal from heel-to-toe and face-to cavity. This gives rise to a four-way sole balancing that enables the putter to sit squarely and align perfectly.

With up to seven styles to choose from, you can never go wrong with this Fastback putter as there are models to fit every swing type. The beautiful look is even more enticing not to mention the impressive performance. You are no doubt going to appreciate the solid feel, balance and the technology.

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Scotty Cameron Squareback Putter


Squareback is another mid-mallet by Cameron released on March 20th 2018. Though it’s larger in size just like its counterpart Fastback, it still maintains the lightweight thanks to the red aluminum sole plate popping through the crown to form an alignment aid.

It features softer contours, refined, subtle shape, and a milled sightline. The vibration dampening material is placed between the aluminum face-sole and the body for an improved feel and solid feedback.

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It comes with a weight saving single bend shaft that provides visual access from address to the mid-mallet models with mechanical lines for easier alignment. The putter has a thinner topline with a light rounder radius.

The neck, edges, and angles have a plumbing work squared up to give a cleaner look at address.

The re-engineered sole and angles account for the weight of the shaft and grip through the re-distribution of the balance point of the sole from the heel-to-toe and face-to-cavity enabling the putter to sit squarely and perfectly aligned at address.

Sound and feel

The putter has up to 30% more vibration dampening material between the face inlay to the body for increased feedback and response.

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Scotty Cameron Newport Mallet 2

The Newport 2 is the mid-mallet counterpart of the Newport 2 also released on 30th Match 2018. With full wrap-around sole-face aircraft aluminum, the putter comes with a stable and more forgiving design.

It features a multi-material design for easy alignment that promotes its feel and gives responsive feedback and incredible stability. The putter is also fantastic in terms of aesthetics with a clean top-line, slightly rounded look and a dark finish.


The putter is made with a 303 steel body and soft aluminum insert and sole that helps to raise MOI. This will ensure golfers get a higher resistance to twisting with off-center hits. The Newport M2 gives more stability on misses and is known to offer more forgiveness.

The heel-toe weighting technology matches the putter’s length for incredible performance and great speed. This technology also aids stability through the stroke and helps it stay square to the target line keeping the ball on the target. The weight of the putter’s head also helps in distance control making Newport Mallet 2 the best choice for golfers.

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Feel and sound

The putter is designed with an excellent balance between the head and soft face with an extra heel-toe mass that keeps it gliding square at impact. It provides a solid tock on centered putts with a small click on misses that provides incredible feedback.

The integrated vibration dampening materials are the reason for its soft and solid feel. The grip also gives you a beautiful feel in your hands.

On the look, the putter resembles an oversize blade which is easy to set up and extends to an X-shape on the sole hence giving it a sleek look. It is longer from heel to toe with a wide top line.

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