callaway epic flash fairway wood review

Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood Review

Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review

Today we focus in on one of the best fairway woods in golf, the Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood which has some insanely helpful features to turn your golf swing more consistent and longer hitting.

The fairway wood is versatile so you can blast shots off the tee as well as from the fairway or rough on long par 4 and par 5 holes.

callaway epic flash fairway wood reviews

The Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Woods has the following features;

Groundbreaking ball speed performance

Callaway continues to top the list as one of the undisputed leaders in distance when it comes to hitting the clubs. The new Epic Flash fairway wood replaces the 2017 Epic fairway wood with increased ball speed as well as distance on the ball.

Flash face technology

Callaway has jumped decades into the future when it comes to face technology. Usually the norm has been that the club faces have been thicker at the centre and they would thin out gradually towards the perimeter.

The design of the Epic Flash was aided by the fact that a super computer using artificial intelligence was utilized to come up with the new rippled look Fairway Woods face design.

Callaway invested five million dollars ($5M) in a super computer to use Artificial Intelligence to create the variable face thickness pattern on their Flash Face inserts. The new design is like a face within a face. It is not only fast in the middle, but also faster lower down in the centre for those shots from the deck.

Callaway came up with the design from over 15,000 different ball strikes, each strike improving on the previous one to come up with the final design. They tell the computer the parameters for legal and manufacturing limits and off it goes, going through thousands of iterations and learning from its mistakes.

In testing, it was delivering a higher level of ball speed, but really, fairways are more about accuracy than distance. The Epic Flash fairway was excellent, providing a solid sound and feel with an impressive trajectory.


Jailbreak technology

By stopping the crown and sole of the club from bulging upon impact with the golf ball, the speed and therefore distance of the ball are greatly increased.

What reduces or altogether stops this bulging upon impact is the Jailbreak technology. Jailbreak technology incorporates the use of two internal bars.

The bars connect the sole to the crown of the club. This stiffens the chassis, placing more impact load on the face for faster ball speeds.

The Jailbreak is hourglass shaped. This saves on weight and allows them to reposition the weight for a higher moment of inertia (MOI) and better ball flight.

Forged Carpenter steel face cup

When it comes to on-center and off-center distance hits, a forged, extremely strong 455 Carpenter steel construction combined with Face Cup technology delivers the fastball speed across the face.

Callaway applied what they learned from the A.I. technology that came up with the flash face to create the drivers. The result was an ultra-thin, forged cup face for the Epic Flash fairway woods.

The carpenter steel face also produces a moderate volume, crisp metallic ‘dink’ that is consistent across the face. The result is a uniquely designed face of the club that is expressly engineered for high COR across a large area, to promote faster ball speed.

New OptiFit hosel

Furthermore, a new OptiFit hosel features prominently in the Epic Flash Fairway. This saved weight in the hosel, which allows Jailbreak and adjustability to be combined for the first time ever. It is shorter and lighter so that it does not add weight and raises the center of gravity point. This feature enables an easier launch as well.

To further dial in the optimum club setup, the new OptiFit hosel provides simple adjustments to loft and lie.

The shaft can be rotated because it has two rotating rings on the OptiFit hosel. This way it will still have a Golf Pride New Decade Align Green grip in place, which has a ridge on the back for consistent hand position.

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