callaway hexbite golf ball review

Callaway Hexbite Golf Balls Review

The Callaway Hexbite golf ball was designed for more distance off the tee and more spin control around the greens. Today we will review the technology that went into designing the Callaway Hexbite and share our review of how it feels to hit these golf balls with different clubs.

Some key features include:

  • Core technology delivers improved spin separation resulting in longer, straighter shots
  • The softer feel and consistent performance around the green are result of an improved cover
  • Driver shots activate the high-resiliency core for longer, straighter drives
  • Shots around the green utilize the soft green-grabbing cover for added short game bite

These are the most affordable golf balls offered by Callaway and you can find a box here on Amazon for under $20.

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Reviewing the Callaway Hexbite Golf Ball

The Technology:

Hex Aerodynamics

HEX Aerodynamics creates long, penetrating distance, reduces drag and promotes a stable ball flight that holds its line in the wind.

Dual Mantle

The thin inner and outer mantles produce more ball speed and lower spin with the driver for more distance.

High Resiliency Core

Driver shots activate the high-resiliency core for longer, straighter drives.

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Long Game Review:

The new core technology that was used in the hexbite was supposed to produce spin separation to serve different purposes depending on which golf club you hit.

On drives, you’re supposed to get reduced spin to help your drives go longer distances. And on wedge shots the spin is supposed to increase, hence the “spin separation.” Did it work?

We did see a reduction in spin compared to other golf balls we tested. This is beneficial to the average golfer helping your ball fly straighter with more control.

We found after testing the Hexbite golf ball on the Trackman that yardages were comparable with other mid level golf balls we’ve tested.

Overall distances weren’t as far as the Callaway Chrome Soft and Pro V1 golf balls but they were still great for the price of this ball.

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Short Game Review:

As mentioned, the design and technology in the Hexbite is supposed to increase spin around the greens, giving you more control with your wedges.

I tested the ball using my Titleist Vokey Spin Mill 56 Degree Wedge and found the golf ball fairly easy to control the roll when hitting bump and run style chip shots.

I also used my 60 degree to see what kind of spin I could get on this golf ball and I will say I loved the “bite” the ball has when landing. It took some adjusting at first but I was able to get it to stop quickly like I do with the Pro V1 I’m used to playing with.

It also has a soft feel coming off the wedge face which I’m a fan of. It’s not a hard thud but it’s also not as soft as the new Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball.

Golf Training Aids We Recommend:

Overall Review of the Hexbite Golf Ball by Callaway

Overall, I would suggest this golf ball for beginners looking to increase their distance off the tee. You’ll find your drives go further thanks to the reduced spin rate that is created from the Hex Aerodynamics.

On windy days, this golf ball will play better than high spin balls like the Pro V1 in my personal opinion.

As far as short game, it was a solid ball for the price. It’s not as good in my opinion as a golf ball like the TP5 or Pro V1 but the Hexbite is still a workable golf ball that you can control with your wedges.

I think the Hexbite golf ball is more geared towards the tee box and hitting your driver & long iron clubs. That’s where you’ll see the most benefits to your golf game!

Lastly, I love the price. It’s a great ball for under $20 a dozen.

Instead of spending money on cheap refurbished golf balls on Amazon, spend a little extra money on these balls and you’ll be satisfied with the end result you see on the course!

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