callaway mavrik irons review

Callaway Mavrik Irons: Are these the Best Yet?

Callaway just released new fantastic irons, the Mavrik Max iron series. The new irons, which come as a replacement for the Rogue series, seems like something that is going to fly Callaway’s flag high following the attention they’re already attracting.

So, what’s the new Callaway Mavrik Max Iron series all about?

As always, Callaway has not left behind its Artificial Intelligence when it comes to research and development of their latest irons. Their ‘super-computer’ has once again done the company proud by developing the superb Mavrik range.

Their Flash Face Technology has brought up a unique and sophisticated ‘face architecture on the lofts of all the three irons. The engineering feat is unique to Callaway.

The engineering has brought out thinner areas of the face with the center forming a thicker and circular cup. This is made to ensure you get an increased ball speed with more spin.

The back cavity is where the Tungsten Energy core lies shifting the center of gravity to the best position needed for a perfect launch and ball flight.

The A.I has also worked on the sound where the irons feature urethane microspheres holding the tungsten in place while at the same time absorbing vibrations. As a result, the irons produce a sound and feel familiar with forged irons.

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3 Series for the Callaway Mavrik Iron

Callaway Mavrik iron series come in three models namely;

#1: Mavrik Pro

Mavrik Pro is made for both the better player and the average golfer. They feature smaller heads and are more compact. Their thinner topline and less offset ensures workability and great looks.

#2: Mavrik

The Mavrik standard is made to suit the majority of golfers featuring the strongest lofts, bigger head, larger face, thicker topline, and longer shaft length compared to the Mavrik Pro.

#3: Mavrik Max

As compared to the others in the range, Mavrik Max is slightly bigger with more offset. Their lofts are the same as those of the Pro. The Mavrik Max gives players a perfect launch and forgiveness. Their longer shafts ensure more speed and distance.

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Testing the Callaway Mavrik Iron Series

Testing these irons to see how they perform in a real gaming situation is paramount. Here, we need to look at how they perform from different lies, in a windy situation, and how they react when hitting greens.

Do these irons live up to what Callaway claims? Let’s have the answers!

The Mavrik Irons Review


As compared to the Mavrik Pro, the Mavrik is has a larger footprint, squarer features, and higher toe. The look also revealed a little bit of offset, which is something you’d expect from a game-improvement iron.


Mavrik wasn’t bad when it comes to the sound, and this is probably linked to the urethane microspheres used to dampen vibrations that occur at impact. Mavrik sounds a little different from the Mavrik Pro thanks to its larger head. The irons also produced the fast feeling the moment the balls come off the face.


Mavrik does not disappoint in consistency. The ball speed and the distance remain high thanks to the Flash Face Cup.

The iron is quite forgiving in mishits, as it only dropped 2mph below average. This club flies high and long. It is also pretty forgiving with an incredible sound.

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Marvik Max Irons Review

There is not much of a difference between Mavrik Max and the Mavrik except that the standard one comes with a rounder head and more offset.  Something disappointing about the range is that the chrome heads start to mark up just the same day you take them out of the bag.


Mavrik Max feel introduces you to a typical game-improvement sound that is not new on the clubs of the size.  The balls come out of the face spinny, which ensures a little forgiveness. One thing about bigger head size is that they are harder to control, and mishits can be punishing instead of forgiving.


The clubs are perfectly suitable for golfers struggling with slicing the ball. The ball speed is no different from the Pro and standard models as they provide the same distance with a higher peak height. The clubs gave a higher spin rate allegedly because of the weaker lofts.

The club felt stable and perfect on the turf, especially when on the rough. It’s not easy to control the ball with this iron on a windy day because keeping it low will be quite a struggle.

Callaway Mavrik iron series is something you’ll expect in a game improvement iron. The iron is forgiving enough and easy to launch. They are perfect for different kinds of golfers.

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