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golf putting drills

21 Golf Putting Drills

Check out Nick Foy Golf’s best list of golf putting drills. Putting makes up a large percentage of your golf score each round so reducing the number of putts is a great start to reducing your golf score lower. Putting is an area of the golf game we recommend practicing at least 50% of your

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best golf chipping drills

17 Golf Chipping Drills

We have put together a list today of the best golf chipping drills to practice. I also have created step by step practice routines that outline drills, how many reps, what days of the week, etc. if you want to follow these practice programs. Let’s dive into 17 amazing drills to help your chipping skills

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golf practice routine

Golf Practice Routine 2024

Golf as a sport takes tremendous discipline to master. It may not look like much to those who don’t understand golf. But in reality, the sport requires a huge amount of practice to build skill. And it’s all possible when you have the perfect golf practice routine. Unlike other sports, getting better at golf is

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The 15 Best Golf Drills that

Lowered My Golf Scores

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