Cleveland Golf Women’s Launcher HB Driver Review


Cleveland Golf Women’s Launcher HB Driver

One of the best ladies golf drivers on the market this year is the Cleveland Golf Women’s Launcher HB driver and I’m excited to share the technology and review of it today.

With the Launcher HB driver, Cleveland focused on creating a women’s driver that could produce exceptional club speed, longer distances off the tee, and more control for shot shaping.

Today you’re going to learn about Cleveland’s impressive driver technology such as HiBore and Flex Fin technologies, Ultra lightweight hosel, and the launcher cup face which combine to produce impressive results.

How to Swing the Cleveland Launcher HB Driver – Correct Golf Swing

Let’s dive into the full review below and share what technology makes the Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Driver special. But first, here are two resources to check out if you’re new to the golf blog!

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Lightweight Hosel Design

cleveland womens driver review

Starting off, Cleveland designed a new lightweight hosel they are calling “ultra-lightweight” and it optimizes the weighting in the driver to help you launch the ball higher and longer.

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HiBore Technology

hibore-crown cleveland driver

The crown of the driver was rebuilt with HiBore technology, moving the center of gravity low and deep in the driver. This promotes high launch, low spin trajectory to help your drives carry longer and then roll further with optimal spin.

How it works is the crown compresses at impact and then decompresses at launch to generate faster ball speeds off the face.

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Flex Fin Technology

cleveland launcher driver review

As the name suggests, the Launcher HB driver welcomed the addition of “flex fins” which allow the face to flex more.

As a result, more energy gets transferred to the golf ball and this increases the ball speed, promoting longer drives off the tee.

The flex fins help the driver launch the ball with high speeds on both heel and toe shots as well, making it more forgiving than other drivers on the market.

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Launcher Cup Face

launcher cup face driver technology

One of the best features of the Launcher HB Ladies Driver is their Launcher Cup Face.

The new driver face was engineered to increase COR across the face, creating a larger sweet spot. In fact, it’s the largest sweet spot Cleveland has ever designed on any of their women’s drivers.

This larger sweet spot means more ball speeds across the entire face, helping add forgiveness on mishits. It combines nicely with their Flex Fins to produce some of the longest drives a Cleveland Women’s driver has seen.

Other Specs to Know

The driver head is 460cc and the driver length is 44.5 inches.

The driver comes with 3 different loft options; 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees, and 12 degrees. Since it is built for launching the golf ball higher hence the name “Launcher HB” you should be okay with the 10.5 degree setting by default.

But if you struggle to get your golf shots high into the air, then the 12 degree loft option may suit you best. However the 9 and 12 degree loft options are only available in right hand models. 10.5 is available to both right and left handed golfers.

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How Much Does the Cleveland Launcher HB Driver Cost?

I’m a huge fan of shopping on Amazon since they let you return items. Right now you can find the Cleveland Launcher HB driver for sale for $295 on Amazon here.

If you’ve read our other golf driver reviews, you’ll know this falls in the middle of the pack for affordability. Other drivers can run as high as $500 or as low as $150.

But for the performance, the high launch, the increased ball speed, and the impressive technologies packed into the Cleveland Launcher HB, we think this driver is worth the price tag.

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Thanks for reading our review of the Cleveland Golf Women’s Launcher HB Driver. Make sure to check out our resources below that golfer’s love following to improve their scores quicker. We’ve helped thousands of golfers and look forward to helping you too!


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