cleveland hb launcher irons review

Cleveland Launcher HB Irons Review

Cleveland Launcher HB Irons Review

If you’re looking for a set of game improvement golf irons, the Cleveland Launcher HB irons are highly recommended.

They are perfectly designed for forgiveness as well as giving players higher launch and straighter shots overall. This makes them an ideal fit for high handicappers and mid handicappers.

Cleveland Boasts of hybrid forgiveness for the whole set of irons, a hollow body that increases stability and a HiBore crown that ensures the mass is positioned low and deep.

Let’s dive into the full review of the HB Irons by Cleveland..

Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Features

The Looks

The Launcher HB Irons come with a sleeker head shape than the previous hollow-body irons giving them a professional and pleasing look at address.

These clubs come with same top line thickness with a chrome finish with the black rear of the head appearing just like a shadow in the sun. The colors and the finish blend well and complement each other to give you a beautiful looking club.

The sole branding comes with clean lines and breaks up a large surface. It also has a hollow crown sloping back from the leading edge giving it the high launch since the weight is pulled low and back in the head.

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The Sound and Feel

The HB irons are clearly not the most responsive irons due to their large cavity, but you’ll still get a soft feel. The sound feels solid and stable with a lightweight head and shaft for a balanced swing.

Despite their hollow bodies, the irons can still produce a “whack” sound at impact. The designers added some ribs in the chamber to improve the sound and make them not sound like hybrids.


The HB irons are some of the most forgiving irons in golf. No matter what area of the face you use to hit, the ball will still get airborne.

You don’t need too much energy to launch the ball high in the air.

The HiBore Crown, the steel face and the low center of gravity makes it launch very high, gives a maximum speed that produces some good yardage.

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The hollow body ensures increased stability for these cavity back irons. This also means the toe and heels mishits will launch higher, go straighter and achieve good distance still.

The stretched long head and the low and deep weighting ensure ultimate forgiveness.

Golfers with slower swing speed will not feel left out as Cleveland Golf has brought them a new way to enjoy the game and improve their skills with the Launcher HB iron set.


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