cobra f7 fairway wood review

Cobra F7 Fairway Wood Review



From address, the King F7 fairway wood is a medium size that falls in between pear and round with a medium depth face. You could classify the footprint as “traditional standard”.

The woods have a crown with a very elegantly glossy black, but blue and silver crowns are available as well.

As for the sole, it tows the line set by the other clubs in the F7 range, with the silver Baffler rails, in addition to the circle weights and the unmistakable tinge of orange (blue and yellow for the blue and silver heads respectively) surrounding them.

Probably the only other distinctive aesthetic feature is the groove lines on the face, which, like the hybrid are horizontally adjacent to the sweet spot and could assist in lining up a shot together with the Cobra logo on the crown.

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Steel Face

Cobra chose to use 475 steel as the face material for the F7. A majority of modern fairways use either 455 or 465 steel.

The 475 steel face has more a superior strength to weight ratio, which allows Cobra to create a bit more ball speed on off-center hits as well as more distance on the carry.

It also saves a little weight in the face, weight that it repositions low and back.

Baffler Rail Technology

The Baffler Rail System is in place to guide the club-head to stay squarer when making contact with the ground. Subsequently, gliding through the turf is made easier so that club-head speed is not lost to resistance.

The rails actually help the club continue to maintain its speed through the shot. The front of the rails improves turf forgiveness whereas the back of the rails assist the club glide out of the turf more smoothly.

Simply put, the Baffler rails are designed to create cleaner contact with the ball in general. This is a plus for club golfers as well as amateurs.

Under the worst course conditions, the rails help the club navigate the mess and make better contact with the ball.

Also unique when it comes to the rails is their progressive design. In both the F7 fairway woods and hybrids, the rails are steeper in more lofted models and shallower in less lofted models to accommodate changing angles of attack producing optimal results.

Control & Performance

The Cobra F7 has moveable weight technology available in the sole of the club. Players use this to help them achieve their preferred trajectory and spin.
One weighs in at 3g and the other at 20g, and you can swap these between the two slots at the front and rear of the sole quickly and easily in order to temper the level of spin.

By positioning the heavier of the two weights in a back weight port (the default settings), higher launch conditions are achieved, as well as more forgiving shots. This makes it easier to home in on the sweet spot, particularly off the deck.

Moving the heavier weight to the forward port will result in lower spin rates, more power on the shot and a flatter ball flight. This sort of penetrating trajectory is for the most part welcome, given that you can offset this where necessary by adjusting the loft.

Cobra has also done a good job getting away from the “tingy” metallic sounds in their woods and replaced it with a very authoritative “crack”. This is particularly noticeable with the 20g weight at the front of the sole.


The simplicity of the Cobra F7 fairway woods is underscored by the MyFly 8 adjustable hosel system. This system makes the F7 on of the most versatile fairway woods on the market. It provides 3° of loft adjustability (in ½° increments) along with three draw settings. The system also allows for eight different loft and lie combinations, including three draw settings, without changing face angle at address.

Shaft & Grip

The stock shaft for the F7 fairways, are offered in black, grey, or blue. They are the Fujikura Pro 65. The stock grip is the Cobra Lamkin REL.

On the other hand, for the hybrids, they are offered in 2-3 (16-19 degrees), 3-4 (19-22 degrees), and 4-5 (22-25 degrees) models. They also feature the Fujikura Pro 75 hybrid shaft and Cobra Lamkin Rel grips, as well as a black finish.

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