Golf Equipment Checklist: 17 Items Every Golfer Needs

To play golf you need to have several different pieces of golf equipment. This requires spending some money upfront but the equipment should last for several years.

My name is Coach Nick Foy, founder of Foy Golf Academy, and in this guide I’ll share the different golf equipment items checklist that you can use to help you acquire different things you’ll need as a golfer.

On this golf equipment list you’ll find essential items that are must haves like golf clubs and golf balls.

But then there will be a few accessory items you can invest money into later if you don’t have the budget currently for them. These items include rangefinders, GPS watches, and golf training aids to help you practice golf efficiently.

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Here are essential pieces of golf equipment to ensure you have before starting golf season:

17 Golf Equipment Items Checklist

1. Golf Bag

A golf bag is important as it will hold your golf clubs for you and it will also hold other equipment that we’re about to cover here shortly like tees, golf balls, etc.

A golf bag should come with leg stands so you can set it down and it should also have shoulder straps so you can carry the golf bag when needed.

2. Golf Tees

You should also stock your golf bag pocket with golf tees. You will need tees to play golf when you are hitting your driver on the tee box of each hole.

Tees come in various sizes. I recommend getting at least 2.75 inch or 3 inch long tees minimum to give you flexibility to tee the ball higher or lower.

Tees come in plastic and wood. Some brands and materials will be more durable than others but tees are relatively inexpensive and they are expected to break after hitting drives with such force.

3. Golf Balls

You can’t play golf without a golf ball. It’s recommend to stock up your golf bag with extra golf balls in case you lose a ball or two during your golf round.

There are many different brands of golf balls and curious golfers will wonder which brand of ball is best and which golf ball is the best. But it really depends on the golfers skill level and personal needs.

If you have a slower swing speed you may need a different kind of ball as compared to someone with a faster swing speed. If you hit the ball really high, you may require a different type of ball than someone who plays a lower golf shot.

Generally speaking, Titleist is one of the best brands of golf balls in the market, but other good brands include TaylorMade, Bridgestone, Srixon, and more.

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4. Ball Markers

A ball marker is a small circle plastic piece that you can set down on the green to mark your golf ball location.

Once you get onto the green you’re allowed to mark your golf ball and pick your ball up to clean it. It’s also important to mark your ball and pick the ball up so that you can move it out of the way in case others have to putt on a line that would hit your ball.

You can buy ball markers at most golf shops and online, but you also can use other items like coins or casino chips as ball markers.

5. Divot Fixer

A divot fixer is a small tool that you’ll carry in your pocket or golf bag and use to fix divots you make on any golf green.

When you hit your approach shot onto the green, the ball may leave an indentation. This dent in the greens putting surface needs repaired with the divot fixer tool to restore it to a smooth surface.

If golfers do not fix their divots, then putting becomes difficult as your ball doesn’t have a smooth flat surface to roll but instead will bounce around from hitting these different mini holes in the green. Help maintain the quality of the green by fixing any divots you see.

6. Golf Towel

You also want to have a golf towel attached to your bag so you can use it to wipe your clubs clean if they get dirty with mud or if it’s raining your clubs or hands are wet. You can dampen your towel to help remove dried dirt and mud on the club face easier.

7. Rangefinder

You may also decide to buy a rangefinder for the golf course to help you laser distances so you know how far you are away from the green. This small device can fit in your pocket or in your golf bag and you can pull it out anytime you want to find a distance.

It’s a helpful piece of technology during practice rounds. Rangefinders may not be allowed during competitions so make sure to check with the rules committee first.

Here’s an affordable rangefinder I use to play golf

8. Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are another essential golf equipment item you’ll want to have before playing golf. Golf shoes differ from normal tennis shoes as they are designed specifically for a golf course with spikes on the bottom for grip so players don’t slip on the grass during a swing.

They also make waterproof golf shoes to help deal with rain and wet golf courses where you step into small puddles. Golf shoes can be stored in your golf bag so you don’t forget them. Make sure to clean them regularly to help maintain their longevity.

9. Golf Shirt

Golf courses have a dress code which includes no t-shirts. Therefore, men usually wear a golf shirt which is a collared polo shirt but depending on weather you can wear long sleeve sport performance shirts underneath or wear a golf sweater / vest over the golf shirt.

For women golfers, there are a variety of golf tops to choose from including standard golf polos.

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10. Golf Shorts / Pants

You should also invest in nicer golfer shorts and pants to wear during the golf round. This will be required as part of dress code at most golf courses.

Blue jeans and basketball shorts are usually not allowed. The pants and shorts need to be dressier.

11. Golf Glove

Another golf equipment item you may want to have in your golf bag is a golf glove. A glove can be worn to help you grip the club better as well as prevent blisters from the club’s grip rubbing on your hands during swings. Most right handed golfers play with one golf glove on their left hand, but occasionally you’ll see players using two gloves, one for each hand.

12. Sports Drinks & Snacks

Your golf bag has many different pockets and storage compartments and one of these can be used to store extra snacks and bottles of water or sports drinks.

A golf round can last up to 4.5 hours on average which is a long time to be without water, especially on really hot sunny days when you are sweating a lot.

It’s important to stay hydrated and refuel your energy levels with healthy snacks during your round since you’re expending a lot of calories during a golf round and tend to fatigue near the final few holes.

Resource: Golf Practice System with Step by Step Practice Plans + Video Lessons

13. Golf Clubs

Lastly, you’ll need golf clubs! No brainer right? But did you know, there is a maximum number of golf clubs you’re allowed to have in your golf bag?

If you play competitive golf, the rule book states that a golfer is only allowed to carry 14 clubs maximum in their golf bag. This 14 club rule is important to follow because playing holes with more than 14 clubs will result in penalty strokes added to your score.

You can decide the exact make up of which 14 clubs to include in your golf bag, but here is a typical breakdown:

  1. Driver
  2. 3-Wood
  3. Hybrid
  4. 4-Iron
  5. 5-iron
  6. 6-iron
  7. 7-iron
  8. 8-iron
  9. 9-iron
  10. Pitching Wedge
  11. Gap Wedge or Sand Wedge
  12. 54 Degree Wedge
  13. 60 Degree Wedge
  14. Putter

Every golfer has different needs so your club selection may differ from the list above. For example, you may decide to get rid of your 4-iron and swap it out with a hybrid that has similar loft of a 4-iron if you find it easier to play hybrids than long irons.

You may also decide to pick different wedges to include in your golf bag, for example, a 56 or 58 degree wedge instead.

14. Training Aids

Golf equipment doesn’t just include the gear needed to play a round of golf. It also includes the equipment you can use on practice days to improve your golf game. These golf equipment items are known as “training aids.”

A golf training aid could be a chipping net that you practice hitting to in order to build distance control and hit chip shots a certain distance on command.

Golf training aids will be specific to different aspects of the golf swing, chipping, and putting so you have hundreds of products to surf through on Amazon or at local golf shops, and retail stores like Dicks Sporting Goods.

  • Indoor putting greens
  • Hitting mats
  • Hitting nets
  • Chipping nets
  • Putting alignment aids
  • Golf swing training aids

15. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you enjoy listening to music during your golf round or practice sessions, consider investing in a portable golf speaker that can attach to the golf cart and sync to your phone via Bluetooth.

Bushnell makes a portable golf speaker that also has distance tracking built in telling you how far you are from the green for each shot. It’s a more expensive version but you can find cheaper portable speakers too.


16. Golf Apps

Another golf equipment item many golfers will realize they actually enjoy having, is access to a golf app like 18Birdies. Golf apps like 18Birdies can give you access to stat tracking during your golf round.

You create a free account on the app and then enter in information like your zip code and it will find the golf courses you’re playing. Then you can use the app for GPS to track distances to the hole as you play.

Most apps also let you track your score and other golf stats like fairways, greens in regulation, putts, sand saves, and more. Over time the app will calculate your golf handicap as you log enough golf rounds into the system.

18Birdies lets you connect with friends by sending friend requests and it also let’s you know when friends have started a golf round so you can follow their round in real time too.

17. Golf GPS Watches

A wearable golf device, like a Golf GPS Watch, can help you keep track of how far you are from the hole using the built in GPS system. Golf watches will sync with thousands of courses and may require updates from time to time to add more courses by plugging them into a computer via a connection cord.

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