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How to Save Money Golfing: 4 Strategies

If you’re looking forward to playing lots of golf this year, but worried about how expensive it could get then this post is for you as we dive into inflation and the golf industry.

If you’ve followed the financial news of late in the U.S. there is continued inflation of 5%, 6%, 7% year over year each month when the inflation CPI report comes out.

But on a more material level things like wood, steel, oil, and others have jumped sharply from 30% to 100+% price increases. It’s kind of crazy to think about.

So even as you’re already getting hit in the pockets by gas prices, now you’ll also have to worry about the increased costs of a new set of golf clubs.

These steel shafted clubs use materials that have, of course, gone up in price this past year making club prices increase along with everything else.

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Money Saving Tips for Golfers

Here’s a few tips on how to handle inflation and still enjoy playing golf!

#1: Find discounted golf courses / sales

Last year in my local area, there were a few golf courses that ran different sales from time to time discounting the cost of a round of golf at their course.

This was a great time to take advantage of these sales and play golf for a cheaper rate than normal.

I also looked for discounted golf courses that had better rates than what I was used to playing. Sometimes it meant driving an extra half hour away or more.

But if you love travel and love trying new things, then playing new golf courses outside your area might be a fun alternative and at a cheaper price.

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#2: Shop Used Golf Clubs

I know. I know. Buying a new set of clubs is hard to give up. Knowing that they are your clubs, fresh out of the box, never scratched or damaged.

But if prices are getting too expensive, consider postponing the new club purchase and settle for some used golf clubs meanwhile.

You can score some great deals in the used club market if you look carefully. There are some YouTube channels that create these types of videos showing people the great deals they found with used golf clubs.

Surprisingly, you’ll be able to find some fairly new clubs that haven’t been used much at a deep discount compared to what you would pay for brand new clubs.

It’s kind of like buying a used car that is only a year or two old. It still is basically new, but it already has been discounted nicely from the original purchase price.

#3: Consider a Golf Simulator

If you’ve ever dreamed about having a golf simulator at your house, now might be a good time. You can take advantage of playing golf at any time of the day when you have your own at home simulator.

And what’s even better is you aren’t limited to the local golf courses around you. On a golf simulator you have access to the best golf courses in the world, even private courses that generally would cost $100,000+ to join.

You’ll be surprised at how realistic simulators have gotten and the golf courses on these simulators.

I installed the Mevo+ launch monitor with the Optima Short Throw Projector and built my own DIY cage to hit into. It’s been a great investment and a lot of fun. I’ve gotten to invite friends and family over as well to enjoy the golf experience.

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#4: Buy A-La-Carte

If membership prices have jumped this year at your home golf course, then it might be time to pay as you go, especially if you didn’t make it out to play enough last year to get the bang for your buck that a membership provides high frequency players.

Instead, buy a round of golf a-la-carte as needed. You might find you spend less money compared to buying a full membership.

It also allows you to branch out and play multiple golf courses instead of being stuck playing the same course all summer.

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