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Hottest Male Golfers – Top 15 Best Looking

Every year we like to update our hottest male golfer and hottest female golfer blog articles by polling our audience to see their take on who the best looking golfers in the world are.

Below you’ll find the top 15 best looking and sexiest male golfers. Not all are on the PGA Tour, you may recognize a very handsome movie star below who also happens to play golf.

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Top 15 Hottest Male Golfers

#15: Chris Wood

Due to the affection, he’s got from his fans; Chris earned himself a nickname “Woody”, which matches perfectly with his profile. He wouldn’t be in this list if he weren’t the best golfer either.

His dedication and desire for perfection have helped him reach new heights including being in the list of the World’s top 50 golfers in 2015. The title secured him a place in the Masters 2016 and also winning Eurasia Cup team.

He also got his victory in The European Tour; the BMW PGA Championship shot his rank up to number 22. Apart from improving his looks, he is looking forward to improving his position among the world’s best golfers.

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#14: Jason Day

Being one of the youngest male golfers, Jason Day has this youthful look that ranks him in the list of the best looking golfers in the world.

He is the youngest winner on the Nationwide Tour who made his first victory in 2007 Legend Financial Group Classic at the age of 19. He also won his first PGA Tour event at the 2010 Byron Nelson Championship.

Apart from spending his time practicing the best swings in golf, it is obvious Jason also pays much attention to his looks giving him that athlete body with a fresh look every day.

#13: Justin Rose

Just looking at Justin Rose’s smile, you’re instantly convinced that he is one of the hottest golfers if not the sexiest men on the planet.

He is not only hot in the looks; he is also one of the hottest golf players with more than five major wins including nine PGA Tour and eleven European Tour. nick foy golf

#12: Niall Horan

Watching Niall Horan play will make you a million times interested in golf. The One Direction Hunk makes golf look cooler than it has never been. Niall Horan playing golf is probably something new to most of his fans who know him as their favorite singer.

However, apart from the wonderful voice that gets the fans all cheering and wanting to get more of him, the celebrity also have a good passion for golf. His love for the sport started when he was still a child, and according to him, playing golf is a relaxing experience.

#11: Billy Horschel

Billy Horschel has always been known for his focus of a sniper always pulling off the best shots. As one of the hottest golfers on the planet, Horschel is also very energetic, emotional and nervous. Behind all these, he has that elegant look that gets the attention of his fans.

Billy became a professional golfer in 2009. He moved up to position 34 in the world’s golfers ranking and fourth in the FedEx Cup standings. He later moved 24th in the world ranking after his second win in the BMW Championship.

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#10: Jamie Dornan

jamie dornan

We all have to admit Jamie Dornan, the Fifty Shades of Grey star is one of the sexiest golfers in the world. He also has that special charm that makes any mundane activity look hot.

His presence in golf makes golf one of the sexiest games. He also has a sense of style and dresses well for every occasion even when going to the club.

He doesn’t keep his elegant dressing styles to himself too, whenever he gets the chance, he takes time to give his fans some tips on how to dress to the course.

nick foy golf

#9: Henrik Stenson

hottest golfer henrik stenson

Stenson’s physical appearance and the height makes him one of the hottest male golfers. He also knows how to dress to the tee. Henrik doesn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to his looks.

He doesn’t only charm his fans with the looks; he is also known for his sense of humor on the PGA Tour. He often makes ridiculous faces during his swing to amuse the fans.

Despite being funny, he doesn’t joke with his swings; he is known to be a professional in pulling out highly efficient shots. It’s fun to watch Stenson striping irons at the greens with such consistency and ease.

brooks koepka hottest male golfer

Even if you’re not a golf fan, you will tag along with friends if you hear that Brooks Koepka will be playing. Just to watch him swing those strong muscles sweeps you off your feet.

His strong and tall body adds more to his looks. It’s not only his looks that gain the attention of fans,  but the fans also want to see him play, and he does that perfectly.

Winner of multiple majors and Ryder Cup team qualifier, Koepa is elite and one of the top stars to watch play golf right now. He is a much-focused player, and no amount of distraction in the course can interfere with his performance.

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#7: Dustin Johnson

dustin johnson hottest golfer

His looks, composure and physical appearance all combine to make Justine one of the hottest male golf players.

Being one of the youngest golfers in the world, Justin probably has the youthful motivation to not only work on making his game better but also improving his physical appearance as well.

Johnson turned to professional golfing in 2007. His first victory happened at Turning Stone Resort Championship.

#6: Martin Keymer

With his roots from German, Kaymer looks simple but cool. His short hairdo, unblemished skin and the strong arms make him every ladies dream man. He is also a cool guy in the golf course always calculating his moves well to pull out the best shot.

The 25-year-old Martin Kaymer has up to five European Tour victories including the 2008 BMW International Open, 2009 Scottish Open as well as two wins at the Abu Dhabi Championship. He also takes a fixture at the top 100 World Golf Ranking.

#5: Graeme McDowell

GMac makes it in the list of the hottest golfers worldwide thanks to his seductive eyes and his sartorial elegance. His Irish accent, though somehow fading away, is still capable of charming anybody within an ear short.

McDowell blends his looks perfectly with his game skills earning him a place not only as one of the best looking golfers but also the best golf players in the world. He turned pro in 2002 and won his fourth start at the Volvo Scandinavian Masters.

#4: Rickie Fowler

Rickie is indeed a golf hank and one of the youngest men in golf. His tanned skin and silky hair blend perfectly to match his entire look.

Apart from being one of the best golfers in the world having won the prestigious Players Championship, Rickie also gets a place as one of the hottest male golfers.

Fowler is a fun loving guy who believes that the best way to be successful in the course is to have fun.

#3: Rory Mcllroy

rory hottest golfer males

Rory charms his fans with the northern Irish charm and his beautiful curly hair. He has amazing physic, and you’ll fall in love by just looking at him.

He is one of the sportsmen who you’ll enjoy watching, and he is just at the prime of his age. He has that boyish charm that sets him apart from other golfers of his stature.

McIlroy also seems approachable as he seems most of the times talking to his fans who are always around to congratulate him after every match.

His love for golf started at a very young age, and since then, he has been doing his best to be ranked as one of the best golfers in the world.

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#2: Jordan Spieth

spieth good looking golfer

Jordan Spieth is listed as one of the best golf players. He is not only good at the game, but he is also hot. His sexy body adds some spice to the game making it worth watching. He has a youthful look that makes him look even more masculine and handsome.

The 22-year-old winner of the masters 2015 is indeed golf cutie. He is not only a good looking golf superstar, he also has a good heart for helping people with special needs. He established the Jordan Spieth Charitable Fund to help the needy. He is also a two-time defending U.S Junior Amateur champion.

#1: Adam Scott

Adam is every woman’s dream man and someone every woman will feel proud to introduce to her friends or even take home to her parents.

His muscular body gives him a superstar look, and he is indeed a golf star. His grey eyes look super sexy, and he is likely to charm any girl with just a simple stare.

Not to mention his Australian accent blends well with his looks, and you’ll love to hear him talk again and again. He is super cool and stylish too.

He wears his cloth with some casual elegance whether on the course or off the course. With all the elegance and the look, it’s sad he’s no longer available. He is married to a very beautiful woman.

Apart from his sexy look, he is also a golf champion who has won many titles including holding seven career PGA Tour victories.

He ranked as number three in the World Golf Ranking. Scott has made the most out of his 20s and also became the youngest player to win The Players Championship in 2003 at the age of 23.

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