golf visualization exercises

Golf Visualization Exercises

Keep reading ahead till the end to learn 4 proven, powerful and the most efficient and practical golf visualization exercises that will help improve your mental game as a learner or a beginner. 

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Create The Visual Effect:

Probably the MOST meaningful golf visualization exercise that you can benefit from. Imagine yourself out in the golf field, as soon as you grip the putter the first thing you must do is VISUALIZE how you want your swing to look OR how you want to look like when you’re giving the shot. By doing this, the neurons in your brain sets up a pattern for the brain to follow in the same manner as you would do while doing the action live. 

So, next time you picture Jonas giving his signature perfect swing shots in your mind, your brain will create the same connection for you to repeat. Don’t underestimate the power of imagination as it is one of the key golf visualization exercises. Do imagine how you want the golf ball to take off from the ground even though there’s no assurance it’ll land straight into the cup but there’s no harm in trying!

Pro tip: 
To build up the skill of visualization, invest a little time and energy in imagining simple stuff… like, ‘what would you wish to see inside when you open your fridge?’ OR while planning meals for an upcoming date night over the weekend (you obviously want it to be PERFECT!)… How would you imagine the tenderloin beef steak to look like? How will the table be set up? Which table mats will go with the set up? White or red candles, flowers, wine or champagne maybe? Need I say more? 

One of the pivotal reasons why Jonas ALWAYS delivers the finest of fine swings is because he has the ability to reflect his deliverance through visualization, he’s a professional at creating a mental picture before he hits.  This is his driving force.

As part of the routine, always remember to integrate ‘emotional reaction’ of the five senses into your picture to make the memory as vivid as possible.

What level ‘strength’ would you use to grip the putt or how would you want the sound of the ball to make while it lands on the grass field? All these little details are of great importance in golf visualization exercises. By doing so, you get straight birdie putts in no time! 

Pro Tip:
You want to visualize every time you make a stroke, you’re visualizing the ball roll the entire distance smoothly and you’re visualizing it go into the cup. Did it go to the left or to the right?… you want to hear the sound, you want to feel how it felt on your putter head as you made contact with it. Imagine yourself as triumph and victorious as Tiger Woods.

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Let’s have a look at it this way: 80% of the golf game is about visualization and 20% is about the mechanics. Think of this concept as the Pareto principal so naturally, 80% of your improvement will come directly from the 20% of the efforts you make. So here’s a 4 step golf visualization exercise that you MUST start practicing today if you want to take your ball game to another level… 

Position yourself by relaxing and loosening yourself a bit. You don’t want to start practicing with tensed muscles so do a 10 min breathe in breathe out warm up exercise. Take you cub in slow motion and stop as soon as you reach the point where you swing breaks down. Hold on to this position and examine how your body looks. 

Repeat step 1 again and this time, you slow motion your way down through the point where the cub is midway and not fully on the ground. Remember, not to finish the swing but rather focus on the small jerk point. Observe the muscle movement, analyze it, feel it. 

Repeat step 1 and 2 but this time, with your eyes closed. What do you imagine? What do you see? You must be seeing everything as you did while your eyes were opened, isn’t that so?

At this point, put your cub down on the ground. Close your eyes once again. Now while you’ve got your eyes closed try to redo step 3 as you would. Your eyes may be closed but you must be able to see or imagine where and which parts of your body are to be involved in the movement. The highlight of this step should be the focus on the visualization and not the complete swing. Repeat. Break. Repeat. Break. Repeat. Break. Repeat.

Now that you have all what you need to know about golf visualization exercises start away. Stay consistent in your exercise regime and keep practicing while driving, watching television, dining or while you’re at work!

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