srixon z star golf ball review

Srixon Z Star & Z Star XV Golf Ball Reviews

When buying a golf ball, you want a ball that will perform great off the tee and great around the greens. Finding a ball that can help you in both areas is hard as usually there has to be some sacrifice on spin to get more distance.

Luckily, the Z Star and Z Star VX both feature high spin rates making them great golf balls for control around the greens without sacrificing on distance.

Srixon worked hard to make changes like redesigned cores, a new dimple pattern and an upgraded cover coating designed to improve friction on short shots.

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In addition, they increased the dimple count to help add distance to your drives. I bet you’ve never considered that before have you? More on dimple design below.

Overall, the little changes made on the 2017 version compared to the 2015 version have proven already to produce better results when you buy either of their Z Star or Z Star XV golf balls. (See pricing on Amazon here)

Key Features of the Z Star Golf Ball:

  • Redesigned Dual Energetic Gradient Growth Core
  • More Aerodynamic 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • Softer, More Elastic Spin Skin for Better Feel
  • Cheaper in Price Compared to Other Tour Level Golf Balls

Z Star Feel Test

Personally, I felt like the Z Star had a softer feel to it than the Z Star XV, especially on short game. When putting, the Z Star golf ball felt softer on the face.

The Z Star is a 3 piece design while the Z Star XV is a 4 piece golf ball.

Srixon designed the Z Star golf ball with lower compression making it more favorable to amateurs. If you need even more compression to fit your game, try the Q Star Tour by Srixon.

But you can’t really go wrong if you’re looking for a tour level golf ball. The Srixon Z Star is up there in the ranks with Titleist’s Pro V1 and TaylorMade’s TP5 golf balls.

z star ball core (1)

Short Game Review

The biggest difference between the Z Star golf ball and the Z Star XV golf ball will be noticed in your short game.

Spin Rate: The Z Star spins a little less than the Z Star XV ball, which can make a difference if you find yourself playing on harder greens or out of sand bunkers frequently. Consider the type of golf course you play and whether you need more spin or less spin.

Cover Coating: In addition to the urethane covers, both balls benefit from the third generation spin skin. The new design is 13 percent softer than the previous version, helping it to get into the grooves better on your golf clubs. The softer coating allows the ball’s cover to stretch more at impact to create greater friction and more spin on short greenside shots.

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Long Game Review

Dimple Design: To help the golf ball hang in the air a little longer and reduce drag, Srixon has increased the number of dimples on the golf ball from 324 to 338 in the most recent version.

Core: The three-piece Z-Star’s core is now softer (two compression points lower from 90 to 88) to improve feel, lower spin and increase launch. The dual core on the Z-Star XV features a larger and softer inner core while maintaining the firmness of the outer core (105 compression or firmer than other leading outer cores according to Srixon’s testing) for faster ballspeeds.

Both of these changes will help you hit your golf ball further which is why the Z Star and Z Star XV are at the top of the ladder when ranking tour level balls.

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Price – How Much Do Z Star Balls Cost?

As mentioned in our intro, the Z Star golf ball is priced considerably cheaper than it’s tour pro rival, Titleist Pro V1. You can pick up a dozen balls for under $30 on Amazon compared to the usually $50+ that is charged for a box of Titleist golf balls.

Click here to see pricing options on Amazon for the Z Star Golf Ball


Click here to see the pricing for the Z Star XV Golf Ball

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