TaylorMade Kalea Ultralite Women’s Driver Review


TaylorMade Kalea Ultralight Women’s Golf Driver Review

TaylorMade set out to create yet another phenomenal golf driver that excels in the performance category. The design of the Kalea Women’s Driver is aimed at producing the best driver yet for helping female golfers get better carry, launch, spin, and feel.

Below you’ll find our full review of the different technology and features that TaylorMade has packed into the Kalea Driver and why you’ll love it if you decide to add a new driver to your golf bag this season.

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TaylorMade Kalea Driver Review

kalea golf driver womens

Speed Pocket Technology

If you look at the image above, you can see the Speed Pocket that TaylorMade has installed into their drivers as well as irons in today’s world. It sits just behind the club face edge (black slot).

The Speed Pocket allows the driver face to flex more which results in faster ball speeds from the face being able to rebound faster and transfer energy to the ball.

Speed Pocket technology also helps the Women’s Kalea Driver launch the ball higher and farther resulting in longer tee shots and overall distance.

Face Grooves

TaylorMade engineered a better face groove design on the Kalea Women’s Driver to help with spin as well as forgiveness. This driver features a larger sweet spot allowing slight mishits to still produce great results.

Swing Faster

The Kalea Women’s driver is a lighter weight driver to help female players swing faster. It also uses Ultralite shafts which help generate more clubhead speed, higher launching golf shots, and increased overall performance off the tee.

Higher Ball Flight, Longer Drives

One of the main struggles for female golfers is getting the golf ball airborne. Hitting it higher can produce longer drivers from increased carry yardages.

The TaylorMade Kalea Driver does exceptional at launching drives higher thanks to it’s low, deep center of gravity.

TaylorMade was able to save weight in the club in other areas of the face to position the weight deeper into the clubehead and lower to help produce higher ball flight.

RESOURCE: Download my How to Break 80 Golf Practice Plan

How Much Does It Cost?

The TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Driver is currently available for sale on Amazon for $180. This is very affordable for a top performance driver. Most drivers hitting the market today are starting off at $400 to $500.

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Should You Buy the Kalea Women’s Driver by TaylorMade?

Overall, when you consider the combination of the Speed Pocket technology and the Ultralite golf shafts, the performance you’re getting in the Kalea Women’s Golf Driver is up there with the other great women’s drivers on the market.

And for the price, it’s definitely worth it!

Check the latest prices of the Kalea Driver on Amazon

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