Under Armour Women’s Performance Spikeless Golf Shoe Review

Under Armour Women’s Performance Spikeless Golf Shoe Review

If you’re looking for a new pair of golf shoes this season, Under Armour is definitely a brand I’d recommend. They have several new golf shoe designs and today we will share highlights of the Women’s Performance Golf Shoe.

The Under Armour Women’s Performance Golf Shoe is a spikeless golf shoe but maintains exceptional grip during your golf swing to give you stability and help you generate power on different turf conditions.

It is engineered to support a more narrow foot structure, which is more common among women. This gives the shoe a comfortable feeling by fitting the foot better.

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Why You Should Love this Under Armour Spikeless Shoe

Here are the different design aspects of this shoe…


Upper Sole

This golf shoe is built with a breathable microfiber upper  that provides you with comfort and lightweight support.

Mid Sole

The mid sole is made with EVA that is both lightweight and responsive. It has a cork covered EVA footbed.

Out Sole

Spikeless outsole for a lighter, more flexible feel without any compromise in traction.


It’s also a waterproof golf shoe, engineered with 100% storm technology to repel water without sacrificing any breathability in the shoe.


Under Armour uses a Rotational Resistance outsole on this women’s golf shoe for lockdown traction & on-course flexibility. If the golf course is wet from morning dew or a recent rain shower, the shoe will perform exceptionally well compared to other golf shoes.

Stability is the huge plus about this Under Armour Women’s Golf Shoe in addition to being lightweight and very comfortable.


It comes with a 2 year warrant. But if you’re not satisfied with the shoe, you can order through Amazon and get a generous return policy should the wrong size ship or comfort not suit your expectations.

Under Armour Performance Spikeless Golf Shoe Features:

  • Comfortable and lightweight golf shoe
  • Better fitting for narrow foot structure
  • Breathable design using microfiber on the upper
  • EVA midsole that is lightweight & responsive
  • Waterproof thanks to 100% Storm Technology

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What to Look for When Buying Golf Shoes?

If you’re a frequent golfer, you’re going to put a lot of miles on your golf shoes so you want to start out with a quality brand that you can rely on for durability.

This usually means shopping golf shoes from Under Armour, Footjoy, Nike Golf, as well as ECCO which has some of the best golf shoes.

Additionally, you want comfort. You’re going to be wearing these shoes for 4-5 hours during a golf round and walking a lot in them so the comfort level needs to be high so you feel light on your feet.

Traction is another aspect to factor in and could be the most important since it involves the stability of your golf swing. I’m sure you’ve seen golfers slip before during their swing. This can lead to poor golf shots as well as potential injury.

Waterproof is another great feature to have in a golf shoe in case you’re playing in wet conditions and rain. Sometimes we accidentally step in a puddle on the golf course and water log our shoes if they’re not waterproof.

Golf Practice Plans to Improve Your Score

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