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15 Exercises to Build Your Biceps (Golf Workout)

15 Exercises to Build Your Biceps

When you think of golf and you think of bicep workouts, you probably picture Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy with their ripped arms and bicep muscles. These are two professional golfers who have shown that adding a workout routine to your golf practice schedule can also help you play better golf.

Building your bicep muscles can certainly add strength to your body and help you hit the golf ball much farther.

In order to do so, exercising and working out weekly is very important. Exercising is not just for your overall health but also to have a better core and upper body strength.

Down below are some of the best bicep exercises that you might want to add to your daily golf workout routine.

Most of these exercises do not just focus on the biceps but also target other areas of your body as well. They also focus on your triceps, deltoids, traps and shoulder muscles.

#1 Front Press (Push-ups)

The Front Press is a form of exercise that does not require any equipment. To do this exercise, you need to find a flat surface. Make sure that this surface is not slippery. You can also use a yoga mat for this exercise. This exercise strengthens and benefits your chest muscles while improving the stability of your shoulders.

Start Position

  • Lie down on your stomach, palms down on the floor. Your fingers must be pointing forward. Your palms should be aligned with your chest.
  • Move your hands sideward the same width of your shoulder. Then, spread your legs wider with toes on the floor. They should be spread at the same width as your hips


  1. To start, extend your elbows and push your body upwards.
  2. Lower your whole body 4-8 inches away from the floor.
  3. Go back to the start position and do the same a few times, increasing the number of pushups per day.

When doing front press, make sure that your trunk and head are stable and are in a neutral position. Aside from that, do not lock out your elbows when you are in the start position.

You might have problems pushing your body off the ground. Also, avoid hyper-extensions on your lower back.

#2 Incline Dumbbell Rotations (Rotational Incline Curls)

In this exercise, you will need some equipment like dumbbells and an incline bench.

Start Position

  • Get your dumbbells and place them on each hand. Then, lean back on the incline bench. Your hands should be extended at arm’s length.
  • Your elbows should be placed close to your torso.
  • Then, turn your palms into your body until your arms are facing forward.


  1. Place your upper arms in a stationary position. Then, curl the dumbbells forward while breathing out. Make sure that only your forearms are moving. Repeat the same process until you can feel the contractions of your muscles when they are at the shoulder level. Hold the position for a few seconds.
  2. Slowly lower down your dumbbells while breathing in.
  3. Repeat the procedure for at least 12 times.

# 3 Reverse Flyes

You will need an incline bench and dumbbells for this exercise. The Reverse Flyes is similar to the Incline dumbbell rotation. However, you will be reclining your body in a different position.

Starting Position

You need to lie face down on the incline bench. Make sure that your head is positioned at the end of the incline bench.


  1. Execute the start position.
  2. Grab a dumbbell for each hand. Make sure that your hands are in a neutral grip. Then, let your arms down. They should position perpendicular to the floor.
  3. Slightly bend your elbows and raise the dumbbells until they reach your shoulders.
  4. Squeeze your shoulder blades until they can form a semi-circle
  5. Go back to start position. Make at least 12 repetitions.

#4 Pronated Bicep Curls

This exercise is another variation of dumbbell curls. It helps not just the biceps but also the triceps and deltoids

Starting Position

Spread your legs at hip width. Then, get the dumbbell. Make sure that your palms are facing down when holding the dumbbells and not the other way around. After this, extend your arms down.


  1. Always start with the Starting position.
  2. Raise your arms until they reach your shoulder level with your fists facing down.
  3. Slowly, lower your arms then repeat the same procedure. Do at least 15 repetitions for 3 sets.

#5 Bench Press Exercise

Bench press exercise is one of the common exercises for people who are toning and building their muscles. You can do this at the gym or at home if you have the equipment.

Starting position

  • Lie down on the bench. Make sure that the bar is at eye level.
  • Place your legs on either side of the bench. It helps you keep your balance when you lift the barbell.
  • Place your hands on the bar. Your hands should be holding the bar on medium grip, with thumbs around the bar.


  1. Lie down on top of the bench. Then, do the starting position.
  2. Slowly remove the barbell on the racks and lower it down to the middle of your chest.
  3. Then, raise the barbells up and hold it in the air for a few seconds. Take a deep breath and lower the barbell towards your chest.
  4. Repeat the same procedure for at least 5 sets.

#6 Supination Curl

Supination curl is another variation of the dumbbells curls. In fact, it’s pretty much the same as the dumbbell curls. However, the variation starts in the direction of the stretch of the dumbbells and how they should be held.

Starting position

  • For this exercise, you can either sit down with your back straight or you can also do this by standing up, just as long as your back is in an upright position.
  • Spread your legs to hip width, keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor.
  • Hold the upper part of the dumbbells, palms facing upward.


  1. Always begin with the starting position and slowly raise your arms.
  2. Once your dumbbells are at shoulder level, slowly rotate your wrist until the lower tips of the dumbbells are raised to your shoulder level.
  3. Move your arms down until you are back at the starting position.
  4. You can do several variations of this exercise. You can use one hand or you can do both arms at the same time.

#7 Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbell curl exercises are what most people usually do. It comes with several variations like the supinated curls, hammer curls, and Zottman curls.

Starting Position

  • Stand up and grab a dumbbell for each hand. The dumbbell should be positioned at arm’s length.
  • Keep your elbows near your torso. Slowly rotate your palms until they are facing forward.


  1. Arms should be in a stationary position. Then, slowly curl your arms and exhale deep breaths.
  2. Slowly squeeze your biceps until you can feel a full contraction in your arms. Once you feel the contraction, hold your position for a few seconds.
  3. Slowly inhale, and slowly move your arms down to starting positions.
  4. Repeat the same process for at least 12 times and for 3 sets.

#8 Barbell Upright Rows

If you like standing exercises, you can also do the barbell upright rows. You only need a barbell to execute this exercise.

Starting Position

  1. Spread your legs at hip width. Make sure that you are standing upright.
  2. Get the barbell and hold it on the same level as your thighs. Your elbows should be slightly bent.
  3. Adjust your hands until they are in line with your shoulders.


  1. After the starting position, slowly exhale and lift the bar over your shoulders and until the bar reaches just below the chin. Make sure that the bar is still close to your body. To make it easier for you to execute this move, you can also move your elbows in a driving motion. Your elbows should also be higher than your wrist.
  2. Keep your torso stationary. As soon as you lift the barbell up, hold the position for at least a second.
  3. Slowly lower down the barbell and take a deep breath as you slowly execute this position going back to the starting position.
  4. Repeat several sets recommended.

#9 Lateral Pull Downs

This exercise can be done with a pull-down machine or a pull-down bar. This exercise does not only focus on your biceps but also other parts of your body like your deltoids, traps, and shoulder muscles.

Starting position

  • On the pull-down machine, sit down with legs spread. Make sure that your legs are properly fitted into the knee pad of the machine. If not, adjust them until they are properly placed on your thighs.
  • Grab the bars with an overhand grip. Depending on your grips, make sure that your hands are properly spaced. Some grips have different hand positioning measurements.
  • Extend your arms out with your back forming a 30-degree curve while your chest is sticking up. This will be your starting position.


  1. Once you are in the starting position, slowly exhale as you pull the bar down until it touches the upper part of your chest. Make sure that you maintain the proper position to execute this move properly. You will be able to feel your shoulder muscles and upper arms muscles contracting with this move. Hold this position for a few seconds. Make sure that your upper torso stays in the same position. Only your arms should be moving.
  2. Raise the bar back into the starting position. Make sure that your whole arms are extended and your lats should be stretched out completely. While doing this move, slowly inhale.
  3. Repeat all of these steps for several repetitions.

#10 Alternate Squats and Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Alternate squats and press is a combination of both squats and dumbbell shoulder press. One of the benefits of this exercise is that it allows you to exercise both your lower and upper back muscles. It also helps build arm strength.

Starting position

  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Place your hands at the same level as your shoulders.
  • Your legs should be slightly spread, comfortable enough to help you squat.


  1. After the starting position, squat down until your legs are in a parallel position. Slowly move up and raise one dumbbell over your head.
  2. Then, slowly move your arm down and slowly move to the starting position.
  3. Repeat step one with your other arm. When you move your dumbbells, make sure to use the momentum to make it easier for you to control the weight of the dumbbells.
  4. Repeat all these steps according to the required number.

#11 Plyometric Pushups

This push-up is a variation of the front press. However, the twist to this is that you will have to push your body higher to a certain height.

Starting position

  • Lie down on your stomach, palms down on the floor and fingers pointing forward. Make sure that the distance between your fingers is on the same level with your torso.
  • Hands should be on the same distance as your shoulder.
  • Spread your legs on the floor at hip width.


  1. After the starting position, push your body higher until your hands are no longer touching the ground. Make a quick clap before you land unto the floor.
  2. Slowly bend your elbows to make it easier for you to land on the floor.
  3. Repeat all the steps but make sure that go lower. Add more force in pushing your body.

#12 Zottman Curls

Zottman Curls is almost the same with the supinated curls. However, the difference is that you will have to rotate your wrist, palms facing downward. Slowly move your wrist down to the starting position.

Starting position

  • Spread your legs at hip width. Feet firmly planted unto the floor.
  • Each hand should have a dumbbell. They should be on the same line with your shoulders. Arms should be fully extended.


  1. Once you are in the starting position, slowly curl the dumbbell and slowly rotate your wrist like in the supinated curls.
  2. Rotate your wrist until your palms are facing downwards
  3. Slowly move down and slowly rotate your wrists until you get back to the starting position.
  4. Repeat all these steps until you have met the required number of sets.

#13 Concentrated Curls

Concentration curls is an exercise which solely focuses on your biceps. To do this, you will need a bench and a dumbbell.

Starting position

Sit down on the bench. Place your arm inside your thigh. When you hold your dumbbell, it should be palm facing forward. Make sure that your back and chest is in an upright position.


  1. Curl the weigh up then hold that position for a few seconds. Make sure that you feel the contraction of your biceps before you lower the dumbbell.
  2. Repeat based on the number of repetitions required.
  3. After one arm, repeat the exercise with the other arm.

#14 Hammer Curls

Hammer curls are one of the other bicep exercises that you can add to your list. This one is fun and easy. You can easily do this at home or at the gym. Just make sure that you have your dumbbells with you.

Starting position

  • You should spread your legs at least on the same line with your shoulders.
  • Hold your dumbbells, making sure to hold them around the upper middle part. This makes it easier for you to grasp your dumbbell when you move them up.
  • Place your elbows a few inches before your hips.


  1. Slowly raise your forearms. Make sure that your biceps are stationary. Curl your arms until your thumbs are almost the same line with your shoulders.
  2. Move your hands down until they are already in the starting position.
  3. Repeat the same process a couple of times.

#15 Resistance Band Curls

Unlike the other exercises, we will not be using weights for this one. We will be using a resistance band, instead. The resistance band looks similar to a jumping rope. However, the rope is stretchy to make it easier for you to pull the rope up.

Starting position

  • Get the resistance tube and place them on the floor.
  • Grab each side of the rope and stand on top of it.
  • Your feet should be in shoulder width position, with your back and chest upright.
  • Use a supinated grip when you hold the loops.


  1. Once you are in the starting position, grip the handles and pull the rope until it reaches your chin.
  2. Then, slowly move the handle down until you are back in the starting position.
  3. Then repeat the same action until you have met the required number of repetitions.

Some people usually alternate the pulls like left-right pattern. If you want to do the same procedure you can do so. Just make sure that you are giving the same number of reps for each arm.

Bonus Exercise: Chin-Up

Chin-Up is a similar exercise with pull-ups. However, they usually differ in terms of grips and the muscles being targeted. Chin-ups are good for your shoulders as well as your core strength. It uses the same equipment as pulls ups.

Starting position

Stand in front of the bar and extend both of your hands. Grab the bar with the use of a supinated grip. Adjust your hands until they are at the same width as your shoulders. Your legs should be straight.


  1. Once you are in the starting position, keep your whole body straight.
  2. Pull your body up in a vertical manner until your chin is a few inches higher than the bar.
  3. Move your body down until you return to the starting position.

These are just some of the exercises that can help your game for the next season. If you are unsure if these exercises work out for you, ask your gym trainer for assistance. In this way, they can help you come up with the best bicep exercises to help you make that perfect swing at the course.

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