How to Lose Weight Playing Golf

How to Lose Weight Playing Golf: Did you know…that playing golf is a fun and high calorie burning exercise that can help you lose weight in a less boring way than just walking a treadmill everyday? In the article below, we’re excited to share the best tips for losing weight from golf so you can […]

7 Best Golf Core Exercises To Target This Season 

7 Best Golf Core Exercises To Target This Season Along with training and practicing golf, it is also extremely important to focus on working out. Working out on different parts of your body can help strengthen them. In fact, it can also improve the alignment and balance required to shoot the best shots. For golf, […]

Arm Exercises For Golf

Arm Exercises For Golf Golf requires sudden exertions of the upper body. Furthermore, the key to a better golf game is a great off-the-course fitness program that creates strength and mobility for your upper body particularly the arms; to execute a perfect swing. Casual golfers focus on strengthening the core muscles alone. However, adding arm […]

Golf Warm-Up Exercises

Golf Warm-up Exercises Golf can get overwhelming with all to keep track of from putting, to chipping, to the golf swing. Many golfers forget about the fitness side of golf and making sure your body is primed for the 4 hour round ahead. It can be strenuous on your body and it’s important to properly […]

Golf Mobility Exercises

Golf Mobility Exercises Golf’s popularity is increasing. 2020 saw the number of registered American golfers rise to 24.8 million, an increase of 500,000 players from 2019. A shocking trend is emerging, though. Cases of golf injuries are on the rise. Did you know that golf is more dangerous than rugby, football, and boxing? According to […]

Best Golf Stretches for a Wider Turn

Best Golf Stretches for a Wider Turn Stretching exercises are an important element to stay healthy and to increase muscle strength. However, sometimes people only associate them with sports like gymnastics. Just like everyday life and sports, stretches are equally important in golf. It helps you in hitting accurate shots, making wider turns, and achieving […]

Best Golf Exercises at Home

Best Golf Exercises at Home Regular workouts will increase your power, and you will generate more balance and speed in your golf swing. And those who are not in sports can still benefit from physical fitness. A golf workout routine from home not only improves your fitness but also improves your longevity to play golf. […]

Best Back Exercises for Golfers

Best Back Exercises for Golfers Every golf swing uses the twisting of the spine and back muscles. Contact with the ground sends shock through the hands, arms, shoulders, and back. Your back takes a beating from playing golf and lower as well as upper back pain can develop if you aren’t properly training your body […]

Chest Exercises for Golfers

Chest Exercises for Golfers Contrary to popular belief, golf is a rigorous and demanding sport for your body. People who are not familiar with the playing concepts of golf believe that it is as simple as swinging a club to impact the ball. These people fail to understand the multitude of complexities that go into […]

10 Best Golf Exercises for Women

10 Best Golf Exercises for Women Whether it is hockey, baseball or golf, every game requires the body to be in best of the shape to play. Proper fitness is the key to excel in any sport. To improve your game, you have to work on your body’s flexibility, mobility and posture. You will see […]