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3 Golf eBooks to Read for Amazing Tips & Lessons

Golf eBooks to Read

I love reading books, especially golf books to help me better understand the game. Every time you pick up a new book to read, you are browsing through someone else’s knowledge they’ve spent years acquiring and have compiled down into a short book for you to learn from.

With the emergence of eBooks, it’s now easier than every to take a golf book with you on your smart phone or tablet.

Today, I’ve got 3 golf eBooks on sale for you in our golf store that I recommend checking out and purchasing to read and implement into your golf workouts. Let’s get started.

Resource: Golf Practice System with Step by Step Practice Plans + Video Lessons

The Golf Mental Game Blueprint

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You spend a good amount of time practicing your golf game and see yourself as a good practice player. On the practice putting green, you’re rolling in putts and have proved to yourself you have decent putting skills. On the driving range you’re hitting the ball really well.

Overall, you know you have the skills to shoot lower scores than you have been but you just haven’t been able to do it yet. When you get out onto the golf course, things don’t go as well as you’d like or maybe you had a good round going and things fell apart quickly.

What’s holding you back is the mental game. The mental game is a broad category and therefore we’ve written this eBook to cover the following:

  • How the Brain Works – Left Side & Right Side
  • Understanding the Subconscious and Conscious Mind
  • Developing a Course Strategy to Make Best Use of Your Skills
  • Taking Your Practice Range Swing to the Golf Course
  • Getting Off to a Good Start with Par on the First Hole
  • Your Mental Thoughts During the Pre-Shot Routine
  • Your Mental Thoughts in between Golf Shots
  • How to Recover from a Bad Shot
  • How to Recover from a Bad Hole
  • How to Stop Losing Your Swing & Momentum Mid Round
  • How to Close Out the Finishing Holes and Turn in a Low Score
  • Mistakes Amateurs Make
  • And much much more

Stop letting your mental game ruin your skill and ability to perform well on the golf course. You have the skill to shoot lower scores! You need to master the mental game to see these skills come to fruition. Order our eBook: The Golf Mental Game Blueprint today and begin implementing the lessons and strategies taught.

Grab your copy of The Golf Mental Game Blueprint

47 Golf Drills for At Home & Indoors

Winter weather blocking your aspirations to improve your golf game? Super busy during the work week that you can’t make it to the golf course?

No worries, this 2 in 1 combo eBook knocks out both problems by giving you 47 golf drills you can perform at home on your own schedule or even at the golf course!

In this book you’ll find drills covering many skills used in the golf game so that you can make sure to have well rounded practice sessions during your time away from the golf course.

The 3 main focuses in this eBook are putting, chipping, and the full swing but here are the skills broken down more specifically:
– Putting Alignment & Accuracy
– Putting Stroke
– Putting Distance Control
– Handling Putting Pressure
– Chipping Accuracy
– Chipping Distance Control
– Chipping Trajectory
– Full Golf Swing
– Golf Swing at Check Points
– Golf Swing Power
– Golf Swing with Fitness

Grab your copy of the 47 Drills for At Home & Indoors

How to Coach High School Golf

After many high school golf coaches have reached out to us at, we decided to write this detailed guide to coaching high school golf for you to use to coach your team.

Inside, you’ll find 6 chapters of content covering important topics like:
1. How to be a great high school coach
2. Teaching your team course management
3. Being the mental coach your team needs to succeed
4. Understanding the mental game of golf
5. Practice drills library to pull from to create your team’s practice routines
6. Sample practice plans
7. The basic fundamentals of golf to teach beginners on your team
8. Worksheets & Templates (bonus option)

If you’d like bonuses, stop by our website shop page These are an extra cost we’ve separated to keep the price of this eBook lower for coaches.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us for assistance. Let’s get started helping you learn how to be that awesome high school golf coach who players love and succeed together with during the season. You’re doing an awesome thing by being a coach and helping beginners learn the sport. Thank you!

Grab Your Copy: How to Coach High School Golf for Beginners

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