how to make more birdies in golf

How to Make More Birdies in Golf

Make More Birdies in Golf with These Tips

Let me take a guess here at why you’re reading our article on how to make more birdies in golf.

You’re likely in my old shoes where I once was and find yourself struggling to convert birdie opportunities when you have them. It leaves you frustrated walking to the next tee box because you know you’re leaving strokes out there.

If you would have sunk the putt for birdie it would have erased one stroke from your score. That one stroke could have been what you needed to break 80 or win your golf match.

I used to struggle to make birdies in golf too.

I would hit 10 to 14 green in regulations during my round of golf and only convert 1 of them into a birdie. Then I would think about my round later that night and the “What IFs” start creeping in as I think about how low my score could have been had I sunk more putts for birdies when I had the chance!

It was pretty rough the few times I shot 70 and had plenty of missed birdie chances that would have put me into the 60’s, which is a scoring milestone I struggled to accomplish during my peak years.

Does any of this sound like you?

Great, because today’s article is going to show you how you can make more birdies in golf by making a few adjustments to your game.

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After trying out some of these tips to make more birdies, I began seeing my scores drop from mid 70’s to par and under par golf.

I want today’s article to be that bump that sends you over the scoring hurdle you’re currently facing and move you down to the next low scoring level you’ve been battling to achieve for several weeks, months, or years.

Warning: These tips on how to make more birdies may seem simple or common knowledge. But the difference is whether or not you master each of these tips as described and put all your focus into successfully doing these tips. Most people know what they should do, they just don’t do it because they are lazy or don’t trust the process. If you actually master each of the steps below, you’ll find yourself able to make more birdies.

How to Make More Birdies in Golf – Start Attacking Par 5 Holes

The first adjustment you can make to your golf game is getting more aggressive on par 5’s. You’re likely one of two types of golfers so we’ll discuss both scenarios.

If you happen to be a long distance hitter, then you should have no problem reaching most golf course’s par 5 holes in 2 shots. This will set you up for an eagle opportunity on the putting green which will be tough to make usually. Instead, focus on lag putting your eagle attempt as close as can to the hole. This will leave you an easy to make birdie putt.

Figure out the club combination that works best for your golf skill level and still allows you to reach the green in two shots. For example, maybe you don’t hit your driver very well off the tee. Instead you could try hitting your 3 wood, giving up some distance, but still reach the green in two shots if you have a solid long iron game.

The second type of golfer is one who can’t hit very far with the long sticks and therefore struggles to be able to reach the green in two. This was me most of the time! My friends and competitors used to always out drive me and have shorter irons into the green on approach shots. Here’s what I did instead, that you’ll need to start doing too!

Resource: Golf Practice System with Step by Step Practice Plans + Video Lessons

Case Example: To make more birdies in golf, I started trying out different club selections on the par 5 holes and getting aggressive. I found that I could hit my 3 wood with better control than my driver and still poke it 240-250 yards.

On shorter par 5’s, I would have maybe 200 yards to 250 yards left, which I could reach usually with a 4 or 5 iron and sometimes I would need to use my wood or hybrid.

For most par 5’s it was difficult to hit the green from so far out consistently so instead I laid up usually by hitting a club I could control such as my 5 iron. I would end up in the fairway and about 5-10 yards short of the green.

This left me an easy chip shot onto the green that I could usually get within 6 feet of the hole and have a close birdie putt left. I spent a lot of time working on up and downs in practice from this distance so that I would be prepared when I laid up to this distance on par 5’s.

No surprise, I started to make more birdies and lower my scores.

Birdie Lesson: If you can hit long distance, attack par 5’s and get aggressive. If you can’t hit your irons or driver very far, then work hard at laying up in the fairway at a distance you are strong at getting up and down.

This will keep you out of the rough and keep you from over flying greens by playing it short of the green where it could still roll onto the front after a few bounces.

How to Make More Birdies in Golf – Track Your Putts Per GIR

Did you know that there is a statistic out there that tracks your birdies per green in regulation (GIR)? If every green you hit in regulation ended in a 2 putt par, your Putts Per GIR would be 2.0.

However, you probably 3 putt occasionally when you hit a green in regulation and trust me, I know how frustrating it is when it happens!

Therefore, the average golfer’s Putts Per GIR is likely above a 2.0. Your first goal is focus on eliminating three putts from your golf game. That alone can drop your golf score and take the stress off your shoulders of trying to make more birdies.

Once you can consistently go a round of golf two putting every green, then you want to start chasing the next milestone which is lowering your putts per GIR to below 2.0. Start getting aggressive now on birdie attempts.

In order to make more birdies in golf, you’ll need to extend your make range and be able to sink putts from 6 feet to 15 feet more consistently. It’s rare you get a birdie putt close to the hole, so you’ll definitely want to work on your putts from 10 feet to 20 feet each week.

Birdie Lesson: Focus first on eliminating the 3 putt from your golf game. Get yourself to the point you can easily two putt any green in regulation you hit. Once you achieve this milestone, then shift your focus to one putting green in regulations and lowering your putts per GIR below 2.0. Keep track of this statistic! It will help you focus when you are on the putting green by keeping you focused on the one statistic at hand and not on your overall golf score.

This concludes today’s lesson on how to make more birdies in golf. It may seem simple and nothing new or ground breaking but that’s how golf goes. Master the fundamentals first and then getting more advanced. Here’s a recap of our advice to help you make more birdies:

  • Attack Par 5 holes trying to reach the green in two strokes
  • If you struggle to reach the green or struggle with accuracy, consider laying up in the fairway area short of the green. Then practice this chip shot lots during your practice time so you can get up and down for birdie during your live round of golf
  • Anytime you hit a green in regulation (Par 3’s, Par 4’s, Par 5’s) your immediate focus is on two putting unless you are within 10-15 feet of the hole. If you are this close to the hole, then you have the green light to get aggressive and try to make the birdie putt.
  • Alternatively, hold off on being aggressive until you’ve eliminated three putting from your golf game. I’d hate to see someone have a ten foot putt for birdie, get aggressive, and end up three putting!

Overall, find your strengths in your golf game and play to those to help you make more birdies until you get time to work on some of your weaker areas that are limiting the number of birdies you’re making.

If you want a step by step practice program to help you shoot lower scores and make more birdies, then check out our Golf Training System.

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