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5 Best Golf Trunk Organizers for Travel & At Home Storage

In this article we review the 5 best golf trunk organizers so you can keep your golf gear neat, clean, and organized. The golf trunks contain different compartments for storing you shoes, clothes, rangefinder, balls, and any other accessories you may want to pack up.

A golf trunk organizer is a convenient golf accessory for travel if you plan to pack your golf gear to play courses on vacation or during work business trips.

Let’s hop into the review of our favorite 5 golf organizer trunks to help with storage.

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#1: Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer Storage

Mention the best golf trunk organizers in the market and Athletico will not miss from the list. This is a feature-rich golf trunk organizer that gives every golfer an easy time when moving around with good storage spaces for all equipment and accessories.

The organizer features 600D water resistant Oxford Fabric to ensure all your accessories are safe from any damage as well as plastic sidewalls for durability. The ventilation grommets ensure there is plenty or air supply for your golf shoes. The storage space is large enough to carry your golf shoes, gloves, balls, shirts, tee, towels, pants, etc.

You don’t need a gym bag when you have Athletico by your side because it serves multi-use. You can use them to carry your gym accessories, emergency kits, or cleaning supplies without any worry.

#2: Samsonite Golf Trunk Organizer

Samsonite is one of the big names when it comes to golf trunk organizers. The organizer comes with unique oversized nylon zippers that make it easy to open and close. If you’re a golfer who’s always moving around with your golf equipment, Samsonite is flexible enough to cater for this need.

When you buy this product, forget about going back to the market soon to get another organizer. Samsonite is made with durable polyester with waterproofing on the back and rip-stop technology to ensure it provides value for your money.

With this organizer, you can store all your valuables in different places to give you an easy time when accessing. The top lid compartment is divided into a large mesh to store all your golf accessories. There are also numerous small pockets within the organizer for storing your personal things such as keys, phone, and other accessories.

#3: Picnic at Escort Golf Trunk Organizer

If you’ve been looking around for a trunk organizer for your towels, shoes, balls, tees, and other things that you carry with you wherever you go, Picnic at Escort is one of the best sellers in the market. It is flexible enough in that you can choose to pull it around or tuck in on your trunk and it will still serve its purpose.

This wonderful golf trunk organizer is made from rugged polyester and a suitable construction to withstand all the pressure of pulling it around. The inside of the organizer has enough space to accommodate two gold shoes and a host of other important accessories. You can also adjust the inlaid dividers for your preferred customization.

This is a foldable organizer, so you don’t have to worry about the small storage space. You can easily tackle it in the corner of your car or a shelf, and it will fit perfectly without occupying too much space.

The trunk organizer also features an optimum carry handle so that you can enjoy pulling it around.

#4: Callaway Golf Trunk Locker

Callaway brings to golfers one of the best golf trunk organizers with neat compartments and user-friendly features. Arranging your items in this locker will give you no problems as every item fits perfectly in its place. Retrieving back your items is also very easy.

The shoe storage compartment comes with a mesh for ventilation, leaving your trunk smelling fresh all the time. The zippers also provide an ease of use since they are made with an easy pull design to give you an easy work zipping and unzipping.

When the trunk is not in use, you should not worry about its storage because it gets flat enough to tackle away. The Velcro inner side has sturdy construction providing enough support for dividers and sides.

#5: ProActive Sports Trunk Organizer

This wonderful golf trunk organizer is made with 600 Denier and come a rugged shape suitable for everyday use. The organization of your gear is compact enough that you won’t find any damages even if your trunk organizer rolls in the trunk hence suitable for long distance travels.

The reinforced plastic walls and sturdy zippers are made specially to ensure your trunk organizer saves you for a long duration. It comes with a mesh for ventilation and large storage space with extra pockets to enable you to tuck in all your valuables.

The gear features a carry handle making it easy to move around with it even after you’ve packed your car. Accessing your gear will not be trouble at all as the organizer comes with adjustable and customizable access. This is indeed one of the feature-rich golf trunk organizers in the list.

 Buying a Golf Trunk Organizer (Q&A)

What features should I look for when buying golf trunk organizer?


How you’re going to organize your items in the golf trunk organizer matters a lot. With separate compartments, you can neatly arrange your accessories and have an easy time when retrieving them. All your important equipment and accessories should have their section.


The air within the bag should be kept fresh always. Mesh ventilation ensure you get this and your shoe and the entire bag receives fresh air.

Ease of storage

Your trunk organizer is not supposed to occupy too much space when not in use. An easy to fold design should be in your list of features when shopping.

Why would I need a golf organizer?

When you’re new in golf, you won’t understand the need for some important items. Here are just a few reasons why you should get a golf trunk organizer.

Easy carrying

Golf trunk organizers are made in a way that they are easy to roll along when you’re not driving. They come with easy grip handles so that you have an easy time carrying them away and provides comfort wherever you go.

Safety of your items

As opposed to other normal bags, golf trunk organizers give you an easy time keeping your items intact. You don’t have to mix up your important items as the organizers come with good storage compartments so that every item falls into its place.

Ease of access

With separate storage compartments, you can easily know where each and every item you need is located hence access it with ease. They also come with optimized zippers to make it easy for you to open and close the trunk organizer.

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