best golf drivers for beginners

Best Golf Drivers for Beginners

Best Golf Drivers for Beginners

Below is a list of the best golf drivers for beginners. You’ll see TaylorMade and Callaway stand out as the top manufacturers of golf drivers and this is also the case when it comes to beginner drivers.

We also included a few unique options below you’ll want to check out!

Let’s dive into our list and review of the best golf driver clubs for beginners who are on a budget and don’t want to buy the newest drivers on the market!

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TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s D-Type Driver 460cc

The TaylorMade 2017 M2 D-Type version is a draw bias head.

The D-Type driver combines various draw-biasing design technologies to achieve an average of 12 yards, and up to 20 yards of built-in draw-bias. This helps golfers who time and again fight fade-to-slice trajectories find more fairways.

It also adds around 250 rpm of spin and in the region of 10 yards of draw to the average shot.

The D-Type has a multi-material construction. A Geocoustic sole, combining geometry and acoustical engineering was achieved by the new sunken sole curvature, making it stiffer and easier to manage vibrations caused at impact.

The club is also more forgiving and the subsequent sound is more explosive upon impact.

The shaping of the back of the white line towards the toe creates an optical illusion that the head is still square at address, so you hardly feel you are hitting a draw bias driver.

Mazel Titanium Golf Driver for Men, Right Handed, 460CC

CNC technology has been used in the engineering of the Mazel Titanium golf driver 460CC club. The face has been designed to go round the crown and sole of the club – CNC Cup Face Technology.

The CG has been positioned low and at the back of the club away from the crown to the sole of the driver. This gives the ball more backspin and greater height while in play.

The 460CC deep face expands the sweet spot for maximum distance from anywhere on the face of the driver. This also offers more forgiveness.

The Speed Channel on the club face helps to decrease thickness and provides increased ball speeds across the face for incredible carry distance. This variability in thickness on the face is also gives it that crisp sound upon impact.

The driver face is made from Titanium 2041, making the head lighter and thinner. Due to this, it helps in creating faster and steadier ball speeds when launched.

The Mazel Titanium driver has a unique carbon shaft with inner 8-axis, high bending & torsional strength makes the ball speed further strengthened. It gives a swing a more relaxed feeling.

Check the Mazel Driver price on Amazon

Callaway Golf Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

The GBB Epic Driver introduces an innovative new technology from Callaway that changes how the head and face behave at impact.

This new innovation is called Jailbreak technology. It sees two titanium rods connect the crown to the sole behind the face.

Due to this connection of the sole to the crown, it subsequently stiffens up the head preventing an outward bulge upon impact for faster ball speeds and increased distance.

Its forgiveness is thanks to a multi-material construction that combines a titanium Exo-Cage with triaxial carbon crown and sole panels.

The result is a lightweight club head that accounts for 50% of the head’s surface. This combination of materials makes it possible to position the CG in-line with the neutral axis, to control spin.

There are two interchangeable weights in the head (2g and 12g). These help to adjust the spin-rate and launch angle.

Put the heavier weight in front to lower spin or move it to the back for higher launch and higher MOI. This coupled with a speed step crown improves aerodynamics for quicker club speeds.

Check the GBB Driver price on Amazon

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Nike Junior Individual Kids Golf Clubs

Trying to get junior golfers into the game of golf? The Nike Junior Individual Driver is a good start point.

This driver is a good basic one for its intended target audience. Its ultra-lightweight construction boosts usability and workability.

The graphite shaft helps develop an easy swing. This in turn boosts distance and the rubber grip supports a firmer hold.

The high loft promotes a solid launch and the club comes with an enlarged head for maximum forgiveness on shots.

Its design is an appealing one and pleasing to the eye. The recommended height 42-52″

TaylorMade M4 Draw Type Driver

The TaylorMade M4 Draw type driver introduces a sweeping departure from your conventional driver-face design.

The new Twist Face technology is engineered and has a new face curvature with a corrective face angle on off-center hits.

This helps to consistently take you further and straighter, while at the same time reducing the spin. It provides more loft in high-toe & less loft in low-heel for more consistent spin

The new Hammerhead slot by TaylorMade creates a huge sweet spot that pushes the boundary of ball speed. It reinforces the outer portions of the slot allowing for a lighter, more flexible face.

At the same time the center portion of the slot increases ball speed on low-face strikes and lowers unwanted spin for more distance. The result is a powerful and forgiving driver.

The M4 D Type makes use of Geocoustic technology. This is an advanced sole shaping technique that delivers a solid and explosive sound with exceptional feel. The sunken sole contour also frees up volume to create a larger clubface.

The M4 D-Type also features a two-tone crown cosmetic that has been altered to make the face angle appear more open.

This closes the face at impact and creates up to 20 yards more draw bias. Additionally, 41 grams of weigh have been moved towards the heel to ensure the draw bias.

TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Black Driver

The design of the AeroBurner golf driver by TaylorMade has an aerodynamic aspect about it. TaylorMade has used a textured crown with a smooth raised centre section, this is to help the head slip through the air and reduce drag while being swung.

This together with the Aero Hosel, which is a small fin attached to the back of the hosel where it joins the head enables the swift movement of the club on swing.

The AeroBurner’s Speed Pocket design helps in the reduction of spin and also increases the size of the sweet spot. It lives up to the Burner name with a powerful feel and quite a loud sound.

The new matte black finish, black PVC face, and linear AeroBurner crown graphic make alignment easy at address. It also feels light.

The shaft has been built with the new, lightweight, black matrix speed RUL-Z 50 shaft with a TM speed grip.

In addition and despite the AeroBurner not being adjustable, it still manages to give golfers impressive forgiveness on different strike points on the club face.

Check the TaylorMade Aeroburner Driver price on Amazon

Oversize Offset Draw Anti-Slice, Non-Conforming Long Illegal Monster 515cc Custom Golf Driver

The Monster has a 515CC head (55CC larger than the standard golf head). When it comes to forgiveness, this will be abundantly clear due to the huge sweet spot. This driver includes an offset hosel and closed face to help square up at impact.

A golfer will be able to generate more distance off of the tee as the COR effect of the ball coming off the explosive hot forged SP 700 beta-titanium face.

The Monster is customizable in terms of the grip size and grip type, also the shaft type and length, as well as loft.

Learn more about this golf driver on Amazon

TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver

The TaylorMade RBZ driver comes with a large titanium club head that is 460cc with an adjustable loft sleeve. This ultimately provides for maximum playability and confidence at address. The matrix white 55 shaft has a 9.5 degree position, allowing for a great, smooth feel and maximum distance. The new satin black finish with elegant detailing of the club also helps to improve alignment.

The RBZ driver also has an ultra-lite titanium core strategically positions mass to the outer limits of the club head for more forgiveness as well as higher launch and greater trajectory control.

TaylorMade also includes their revolutionary Speed Pocket to promote higher launch and less spin and thus increasing distance.

Check the RBZ Driver price on Amazon

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