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5 Golf Accessories Every Golfer Needs to Own (#5 Especially)

I have browsed Amazon for countless hours looking for new, exciting gadgets to add to my basement practice zone as well as gadgets to take to the golf course with me.

I love golf technology and using it to make golf more fun, mix things up, and as training aids for improving.

Here are 5 golf gadgets every golfer can use.

#1: GolfBuddy Aim L10 Rangefinder

Whenever I start a round of golf, I make sure my rangefinder is in my bag so I can take advantage of getting precise distances to the pin during my practice rounds.

A laser rangefinder works by sending a laser signal out into open space and then when it bounces off an object and comes back, time is being tracked which allows it to calculate how far away the object is.

Therefore, having a rangefinder with accuracy is super crucial so you get accurate distance measures.

Having a lightweight rangefinder is also important if you want to carry it in your pocket for quick access to pull out for each shot.

The GolfBuddy Aim L10 Rangefinder meets these criteria and will make golfing more less stressful and more fun when you know what clubs to use based of the distances you are reading on your rangefinder.

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#2: Rechargeable Hand Warmers

One of the realities of playing golf is dealing with unfortunate weather. From rainy days to cold days, you’re bound to hit rough stretches of weather.

This rechargeable hand warmer product offers golfers who live in cold climates the opportunity to play golf longer into the season and start earlier in the season.

It’s not only a hand warmer, but also serves as a power pack for charging your phone during your golf round! This works great if you play music often during your round, which can drain your phone battery faster.

With double sided heat and 3 heat settings, you have a variety of options for using it and it’s light weight if you plan to carry in your pocket or golf bag.

#3: S10 Garmin Approach Smart GPS Watch

An alternative to using a laser rangefinder is to use a watch with GPS capability. This makes getting distances super convenient and fast by just glancing at your wrist and reading the distance on the watch face that updates as you’re moving closer to the green with each step.

It’s pre-loaded with over 41,000 golf courses so you should have no problem finding your golf course when setting up the watch.

You can also keep score, track total distance, and total time during your round of golf. Learn more about all the great features that make the S10 Garmin golf watch stand out among other golf watch options.

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#4: Golf Trunk Organizer for Golf Gear

Every golfer should keep a golf trunk locker in their car with them to hold golf shirts, shorts, and shoes for their golf rounds. This helps you avoid having to make a stop home after work by keeping your mini locker in your car full of golf clothes and accessories.

This trunk locker we picked out is only 9 inches by 15 inches so it’s compact to fit in your trunk or tuck under the seat.

It’s large enough to hold your pair of golf shoes, as well as a few shirts and shorts.

Learn more about this Golf Trunk Oraganizer

#5: Game Golf Live Tracking System

My final golf tech gadget / accessory I’m recommending today is the Game Golf System. It’s a great way to get more analytical with your golf game to see distance numbers for your golf clubs and learn more about yourself with data.

The Game Golf system is easy to start using, just clip the little sensors onto the butt of each golf club in your bag, matching the sensor for the 7 iron with the 7 iron golf club, for example.

Clip the Game Golf sensor to your belt on your pants and scan each club sensor with the belt sensor to register what club you’re using quickly and easily. This saves time having to open up your phone app and logging the club selection in the app.

Once you hit several shots over time with your driver, 7 iron, etc. you’ll begin to see shot patterns and distance tendencies. Use this data to adjust club selections on the golf course and improve your overall play!

Check out Game Golf here

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