5 Tips to Hit Your Driver Farther Like Bryson DeChambeau

Hitting your driver far (in terms of overall distance off the tee) is achievable when you master club speed. Club speed is a golf term short for “Clubhead speed” and it measures how fast the club is swinging at impact.

The best long ball golfers in the world, like Bryson Dechambeau for example, generate insane clubhead speed. DeChambeau recently stated that he has had his driver speed top 200 mph and that it really wares on him, making him feel tired.

The result? DeChambeau has been hitting drivers well over 350 yards and some of his drives have touched 400+ yards. That is insane!

Imagine hitting 350 yard drives on your golf course. You’d be almost to the green on most par 4 holes, and could rely on your wedges to chip close for birdie putt opportunities.

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How To Hit the Golf Ball Farther with Your Driver

The following section below will highlight different golf tips for hitting your driver further this golf season so make sure to take notes and implement these golf swing tips.

#1: Up Your Angle of Attack

The first tip to unlocking more distance with the driver is swinging with an upward angle of attack into the golf ball. This creates launch and is what helps lift the golf ball higher into the air.

Many golfers could easily add extra yardage to their drives by hitting higher golf drives that get more carry distance (time in the air before landing).

The driver is the one club in the bag that shouldn’t have a negative angle of attack. It should be neutral or positive degrees if you track your angle of attack on a launch monitor, Trackman, or other swing tracking technology.

Visit a club fitting professional to get an initial analysis done to learn more about your current launch angle and your driver’s angle of attack into the golf ball.

#2: Tee the Ball Higher

Sean Foley, a professional golf swing coach trains many PGA Tour players, once said a great quote on teeing the golf ball higher for your driver… “When you tee the ball higher, you have a better chance of swinging up on it and hitting the top part of the clubface, which launches the ball higher and with less distance-robbing spin,”

Try this tip out and make adjustments to find the correct ball height that achieves better launch and contact.

#3: Move the Golf Ball Closer to Your Lead Foot

This golf swing technique of positioning the ball more forward in your stance and also help with your angle of attack. It allows the driver to bottom out near the middle of your stance and then start it’s upward ascent before it gets to the golf ball, which is forward of middle.

If the ball was in the middle of your stance, the driver would be more likely to make contact with the tee underneath the ball since it’s bottoming out and at it’s lowest point in the swing.

Then the driver starts its ascent higher in the swing again, after bottoming out, and this is why having a forward ball placement near the lead foot in your stance can help give the driver a chance to catch the ball on the upswing.

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#4: Lower Your Trail Shoulder Slightly

This small adjustment to the spine, helps angle your lead shoulder toward the sky more when you lower the trail shoulder. It creates opportunity to hit with upward angle of attack.

Be careful not to over do it.

Check your spine angle and shoulder position in a mirror. Practice this adjustment at home until you feel comfortable with the new set up position.

#5: Up Your Swing Speed

The faster your swing speed is, the farther you could hit the golf ball. Working on the mechanics of the golf swing and timing of the bodies rotations from the shoulders to the hips to the wrists can affect how fast the clubhead is swinging at impact.

Don’t just try to swing harder. Keep your body in control, in rhythm. The more in rhythm you are, the more power you can generate with your legs, arms, and hands as they release from the coiled backswing.