SuperSpeed Swing System: Add 10 MPH to Your Golf Swing

SuperSpeed Golf Training System – Increase Your Clubhead Speed by 10mph

If the goal is to hit the golf ball longer, then the you have to swing the club faster and more efficiently. Players with higher swing speeds are able to compress the golf ball and the result is a stronger, longer, more penetrating ball flight.

Golf swing coaches use various different techniques and drills to help golfers gain extra swing speed. Fitness coaches also train their clients with the result of added swing speed in mind.

But the best way to solve a problem is to tackle it head on, and that is exactly what SuperSpeed Golf did.

The SuperSpeed Golf Training System has revolutionized swing speed training, and golfers around the world are reaping the benefits of their training system. Check out their 3 club system on Amazon.

Professional golfers on all the Major tours around the world are sold on the SuperSpeed Golf training system and the results speak for themselves.

The SuperSpeed training system is made up of 3 training clubs that resemble a golf club, each with a different weight attached to it.

Once you have invested in the training system it is very important to follow the training protocol as recommended by SuperSpeed Golf.

In order to get a good grasp of how the SuperSpeed training system works let’s take a further look at their training protocol and the results that can be expected along with it.


How the Super Speed Swing Training System Works

The SuperSpeed training system works by getting a golfer’s body to move at above average speeds during a known motor pattern. Initially the load is reduced by using a light club in order to get the golfer to make fast swings. With time the load is increased and the brain learns that the body can perform that same motor pattern at faster speeds than what it initially did.

The Golf Swing Speed Training Clubs

SuperSpeed Golf has a training system for golfers of all skill and strength levels. The SuperSpeed training system selection includes a men’s, ladies, senior, long drive, junior, all-star and pee wee set.

Each set is made up of three of the following four training clubs: a yellow super light club, a green light club, a medium blue club, and a heavy red club.

Check them out here on their website

In general players will use the set from the category that they fall under, but exceptions to the rule do exist. In order to get the set that is perfect for you, look at the weight of your driver and then get a set that fits according to that weight.


The Speed Training Training Protocol

Buying a SuperSpeed training system won’t help you gain distance unless you train correctly with your new investment. The SuperSpeed training system has 4 different protocols that they recommend to golfers in order to maximize their swing speed.

SuperSpeed Golf recommends that a player should train at least 3 times per week with 1 day of rest between each training session.

Before you commit to training with your SuperSpeed training system let’ s take a look at what the training protocols entail.

In addition to their recommended training protocols SuperSpeed Golf also has training protocols specifically designed for both junior and pee wee SuperSpeed users.


Introduction Protocol

  • Duration: first 4 weeks (week 1-4)
  • Every day
  • 3 swings with each stick in 2 different stance positions with both your dominant and non-dominant side and 1 set of 3 swings as aggressively as possible

Level 1 Protocol

  • Duration: 12 weeks (week 5-17)
  • Every day
  • 3 sets of 5 swings with each stick in 3 different stance positions with both your dominant and non-dominant side and 1 set of 3 swings as aggressively as possible

Level 2 Protocol

  • Duration: 4-6 months (start in week 18)
  • 3 sets of 5 swings with each stick in 4 different stance positions with both your dominant and non-dominant side and 1 set of 3 swings as aggressively as possible with the light stick

Level 3 Sprint Protocol (Level 3 Protocol is available on the SuperSpeed Golf website)

  • Continue protocol to maintain swing speed gains
  • Replace 1 day of level 2 training with a level 3 after 9 months

Level 3 Change Up Protocol

  • Replace 1 day of level 2 training with a level 3 training day after 9 months

Level 3 Rebound Protocol

  • Replace 1 day of level 2 training with a level 3 after 9 months

Should You Buy the SuperSpeed Golf Swing System?

Added distance makes golf a lot easier and the most efficient way to gain distance is by gaining clubhead speed.

SuperSpeed Golf offers a training system that will improve the clubhead speed of a player through scientifically proven over speed training.

Majority of first time SuperSpeed users see results almost immediately and gains in the excess of 10 mph in club head speed has become the norm among users.

The SuperSpeed training system carries a hefty price tag and one has to view it as an investment into your game. Hitting your driver 20 to 30 yards longer will without a doubt justify that investment.

In order for the training system to work it is very important for golfers to follow the recommended protocol, unfortunately with golf nothing comes easy and instantly, and it is no different with the SuperSpeed training system.

The SuperSpeed training system is well used on both the PGA and LPGA tours, give it a try it might just change your golf game dramatically.

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